Friday, July 31, 2009

Kamusta po kayo, pamilya! Wow well this week has gone by so incredibly fast! I can't exactly remember what I wrote in my letter to you guys later this week but I'm sure I'll repeat somethings. First off, I am well and I love MTC so much! this week they are stressing planning and planning and planning! We plan out our weeks and set goals and then plan the night before and every hour of the day! Right now I am sitting in the laundry room which is incredibly hot and they are so many frustrated Elders and Sisters around me because it's impossible to find a washer and dryer. I however luckily did. So I'll start on Wed. We got here and I met with Todd! We hung out for only a few moments then I had to go to a district meeting which is all the new missionaries going to the Philippines who arrived today. (Let me explain the layout of the MTC. So you have the Mission Presidency the old guys who make the rules, then you got Zones with zone leaders who watch over several districts, then you got Branches with a Branch President who is basically your bishop or ecclesiastic leader. Then inside of branches you have Districts which are missionaries who are going to your mission and ajacent ones. We are district G! I absoulutely love my district! I am companions with Elder Saunders, I really love him although he is a bit quite and not as out going but he is getting better. I guess not everyone is like me and basically attacks everyone I meet because I get so excited. Then inside our room we have Elder Westwood and Perry. Westwood is basically a cowboy from South Utah haha but he's funny and we get along. And Elder Perry is from MESA! He is very friendly guy and we work out in the mornings and during gym! Next in our district is our District Leader Elder Erickson (Basically a missionary who got a leader position) He is from Dallas Texas and a great guy and good leader! His companion is Elder Dennis this Hilarious Elder from New Zealand, I'm grateful for him because he lightens the mood in the District. I think Elder Dennis and I are tied for the class clown  :(  Our Branch President( Big Cheese)  is President Brown he already said that after the first week that he couldn't forget Elder Gonzalez if he tried. haha I havent decided if thats a good sign or not?! Then we have Elder LEbanc from Canada who speaks french. Elder Simmons from Washington he is a really nice guy and reminds me of Preston Tucker he takes the gospel very seriously so that's a good thing, he keeps me focused hahaha. Next is Elder Bernard he is a quiet fellow havent talked to much with him but he still has awesome comments in class! Then my favorite right now is Elder Bush or BOOOOOOOOOSH He's from CA and we automatically clicked on the first day from singing Disney songs in the showers! Then we have two sister missionaries. Sister Smith I get along with her very well and sister Tuiseve. Would you believe they have your son stand up for them everytime they enter into the class room? That basically covers my District. The language is coming along very well actually, I'm suprised! The gift of tongues is something! I've been praying and we fasted as a district on Sunday to better learn the language so after this week I'm expecting to be fluent haha just kiddding! The MTC is very busy you go to class all day then lunch then work out I've hardly had time to write letters at all, but after the first week in the MTC it gets a lot easier and faster. I can't even imagine it going any faster because it's already flying by! I have alot of Tongans and Somoan's in my RA, I realized they are some of the most humble and nice people and they've inspired me to love people as much as I can and love the Gospel just as much! I hope all is well at home! I love everyone of you! SOOOOO MUCH!!!! Please send me your email so that I know it's right! I'm sending a copy to Sister Morris so hopefully she can forward it you if its not right! Again I love you guys so much and miss you :(( but to be honest I;d rather not be anywhere else! I love the Lord and the Work I am doing! BY the way I saw todd and we hung out at the temple this week!!!! Well I'll send pictures home soon I promise!! I love you so much family and dont worry about me!

Alam ko na buhay at mananubos ni jesucristo
totoong ko ang aklat ni mormon

-Elder Gonzalez

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