Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010

Thanks for your letter last week with the words of encouragement and the update on the family! I think it's great that everyone is doing so well,the Lord is so good to me to be taking care of you all so well. This week Elder Villamil was transferred that means I got to go to the Island last Wednesday, and I got a new companion! Everyone said I would probably be training, which I am glad to say I am not. I get to work on my Tagalog more before I have to take on that challenge! My new companion is....AMERICAN. Ha my first american! His name is Elder Butler and he's from Southern Utah. We really get a long well together and I love our companionship so I am very happy here in Boac. I am also happy because after this transfer I will probably be transferred so I'll be leaving this Island on June 6th if it's the Lord's will, I be sure to pray hard haha life out here is rough. Last week alone we had brownouts every 8 hours. The 2 days before I left the Island Tuesday and Wednesday there were 5 brownouts a lone. Needless to say I've sweat off a lot of weight haha! Other than that the work continues to be really hard. But I'm still teaching some members my limited knowledge of Piano, but it's so awesome to see them progress! Yesterday we taught 2 members here, Brother Abet and Michael we taught them after Church at like 2:30, and we came back around 7:30p.m. They were still practicing! It was so amazing! Brother Abet is getting good, but there still struggling with reading notes, it's not an easy thing. Other than that we are really focusing on the Branch here. Corina, the girl who flipped out on me went to church yesterday. I'm not going to say it was a good experience, she was nice to me and we acting like nothing happened, but she would get very defensive and contentious when I would teach principals to her that she thought I was rebuking here. For instance in my opening prayer for sunday school I said. "Ama, Nagpapasalamt po kami kay sister corina at lahat ng mga sakrapisio niya upang magsimba araw ngayon " which is Father we are greatful for sister corina and her sacrafice to come to church today. Aftet there prayer she played the question game and was like why did you say it like that? It get's really old sometimes, and I don't have the spirit to teach. My companion asked her why she hasn't been baptized, it's been over 7months where she's been taught, she says she's waiting for the "perfect time" I wanted to reply, this is the perfect time, stop putting off the things God is telling you to do and the things you must do to gain eternal salvation because you are uncomfortable, salvation has never been an easy experience don't expect it to be.---but thankfully I was patient. I need to pray for her, it's distracted to have her at church, but I can't let her future and happiness be effected because of my feelings against her, so I'll carry on in this great work.

I say Elder Hansen at transfer day this week, and he told me that you email him every week, haha we had a good laugh, however it was good to see him. Hopefully we'll "maka-companion" sometime. I want to teach you two really great Tagalog word that we need to adapt into english!

The first is. Kwan or Kuan (like Kwan your personal police officer ;) anyways this word is amazing. It is used when you forget the name for ANYTHING, for instance if you forget someones name you just say, Hoy, brother kwan, or when explaining a story and the person knows that you're talking about your car just use the word Kwan. At times it's annoying because I really have no idea what people are saying then I ask what they mean.

The second and INFINITELY BETTER is. "Daw" This is used when someone says something and you are quoting them but you don't say who said it. For instance. I ask for water, but someone doesn't hear me.

Me: Ate, maari kong humihingi ng tubig?

Ate: ano?

you: Tubig Daw

Me: "ang pangit daw ng t-shirt mo talaga" "it's said that your shirt is really ugly"
You: "Talaga?" "Really?"

Me: "Oo Naman" "Yes, Really"

haha I don't know why I taught you this, perhaps I'll use it in an email and you will no longer be confused ;)

I think that it's way awesome that you are having missionary night at the only thought is what are the dogs going to do! If I remember Michaela and I do, she's beyond noisy! haha

p.s. I haven't gotten the packages yet, but next week the Zone Leaders go to Zone Leader Council next week so they'll bring em back to me

When is Tiff going to china for sure?

Is Curt still racing the cars?

How was mexico? How many friends do you have overthere?

Do you still have long fingernails?

Mom, Curt, Dad, Tiff, Jess, Zach thank you so much for letting me go on this crazy adventure. But to me it seems like the only thing I must be doing. It's hard, it's challenging but the Lord has been so close with me here. I love you all so much and miss you like you wouldn't believe.

Mom I have a suprise coming your way.

Malapit na I'll get to call you!



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 19, 2010

Mga Kapatid ko,

MOM YOU ARE AMAZING! malapit na ang mothers day! :) That means I'll get to call yeeehaw!
I was thinking this week about you of course and I wanted to make sure to thank you for being so stong though all this. I unfortunately know a little about how hard this maybe for you all. It certainly is difficult for me, but I have it lucky because I am so emerced in a new culture, language, and people. However you are all in the old routine, I don't speak unhumbly, I considering my calling very sacred and I'm happy I'm here and that is a direct result because how good you are all to me. It's funny. The biggest thing I've learned here. Is the role of family, the love that consumes my soul that I feel from you even all these 1,000 of miles away. and the unquenchable longing I have to see you all again. Indeed it hurts, It's depressing, It's distracting. However, it's neccisary. I couldn't possible be the person I want and must be if I didn't sacrafice EVERYTHING. I have made covenants to the Lord that I am willing to give everything to him, and so far I'm trying. I'm not perfect I don't work as hard I possible can every day, But I'm changing--I'm being perfected. I'm being who I want to be and thats all I really want to say about that.

This week in Boac is tough, all our progressing investigators have dropped us or dropped them. We have literally NO ONE TO TEACH. I was told this week that people "Hate me", I am "Inconsiderate", and that they "Hate my eyes". We were teaching a 23 year old single mother who is having a ton of problems in here life, she is realizing that her life has to change and she lossed opportunities because she had a kid. So she decided to take it out on the missionaries... which is fine with me. But we taught a lesson from the Doctrine and Covenants (A book of Revelations that Joseph Smith recieved) about an analogy the lord gave. Called The Parable of the nobleman and olive trees. So theres this nobleman he has a really nice piece of land so he hires these workers to look after his oliveyard, and he commands them to build a tower. They don't see why they should build a tower because it's a time of peace, they think it's not important to follow his council it's illogical, no one is going to attack, So they put off the building for a nother day. Then that night, men come and attack the oliveyard and destoy the olivetrees. So the Nobleman of the vineyard rebukes them and asks them why there was no watch tower. We made the conclusion when we were teaching, that we are command of the Lord to go to church, read the scriptures, pray everyday. We don't know why we are...sometimes it sucks, some times it's hard, sometimes we must sacrafice every single thing we have, and most the time all we have isn't enough. We almost feel that we are never content with what we can give to the Lord, but if we do all we can the Lord promises to give the rest. We made the analogy, sometimes when theres trials in our lives we don't know why...we don't know why we have to face all this "hard labor" of building a tower, but the Nobleman knows...or the Lord knows. He's said that all our trials and afflictions will be "but a small moment and if we endure it well" He "Exalt us on high" everything is for our good.
So when I explained this to her, it seems that she lossed it. She screamed " I hate you two! I HATE YOU!" Then I said "Well I'm sorry you feel that way...okay we'll be going"---my companion urged me to stay, So I sat down. Then she said "I dont CARE IF YOU LOOK AT ME, JUST SIT AND LISTEN DONT SPEAK" then she lamented about her life for over an hour. I'll admit I was rather irritated, but I swallowed my pride and listend to her quietly. The only thing I could think of when she was explaining all her problems from having a kid was one scriptures... from the book of momon in the book of alma 41:10 which states

"Wickedness Never Was Happiness"

I'm certain she thought it was fun when she was messing around with the boyfiend who is now long gone, But in the long run, everything caught up with her. The reality of parenthood, the reality of consequence, and the reality of bad choices. Her life, her dreams, her passions. are all gone. And who can she blame but herself? Of couse I didn't say any of these things. But it stands as a testimony in my mind of how we need the Lord. So very much. When we were leaving I bore a testimony saying that, whatever she decides to do, join the church, persecute the church, whatever job she has, whatevery happens. The Lord will always be there for her, through thick and thin because he is faithful.
To which she replied "I hate your eyes, because I think the Lord is using them to tell me eveything will be okay"

I don't know what will happen to her, she avoids us now, and doesnt come to church. But she's been given the Truth and now it's her privelage and duty to act upon it.

Those are my feelings at this moment.

Gotta Run, I love you so much

April 12, 2010


Thanks for your email mom! I must admit in my last letter I was indeed upset, but today we went to the white beach in Terajos as a zone. I got to hang out with my buddy E. Vandermyde we always get along way good, talked about life, played some frisbee, basketball, played guitar and sang our hearts out. So now after reading your last letter, I'm filled with hope. So thank you, you're continually uplifting and motivating. You guys make this mission thing a whole lot easier. Yeah I can't believe Todd has been out a year...haha I'm coming up really quick on my 1 year...but who's counting? I mean in only 10 days I hit 9 months?! This week has been very challenging but really inspiring. I've been studying quite a lot and thinking a lot about what I'm studying. I haven't finished the Old Testament sadly I'm only in about 500 pages, but I put it on hold to read the Book of Mormon again. And I fell in love again ;) I cannot describe the joy I feel when I read that book.It seems to speak to every fiber in my being and continually testifies to me that Jesus is the Christ, Why I am here, and How Good God is to his children...US! :) I must admit I've been a little laxed in my study and don't read everyday, but I made a promise to myself and the Lord that I will starting April 11th 2010 read my scriptures every single day until this mortal probation is over for at least 30 minutes a day. So I'm happy and excited and grateful for the amazing truths that exist in the Bible and Book of Mormon! I cannot express it fully here or even can express how important that book is. When every I am bummed or sad, If I read it I instantly become...Okay I see the bright side in most situations. I have a testimony and I put my honor, name, and all that I possess and will possess. That the Book of Mormon is the word of God, I can never deny that testimony. I couldn't not truthfully say that I love and care for you guys if I didn't offer it to you. So here is my offer, read it once and a while. I'm certain there are 1 or 2 laying around the house. Just put it in the bathroom or in your car when you're waiting in line or "taking care of business" in the bathroom, give it a try. It gives me so much strength and I feel so much love from. I don't mean to preach to you, but I'm passionate about that book. Anyone who reads it will come to love it.
Other than that, I'm glad you had a good time in Mexico! I'm glad to here from Tiffany and Zach. I hear Jess went to Las Vegas I hope she had a good time and made good decisions.
I'm a little afraid when I come home...when I see the house I'm not going to believe I'm actually home ha. I'm a bit excited though too! I can see you're putting your everything into it! So you guys ROCK! I'm so excited! :)

I want to thank you family for all that you've done for me. I ranted in my last email about the conditions of families here and my opinion on that. It was probably inappropriate and perhaps judgmental, But I'm happy that I can proudly say I was raised in a home with Morals and Virtues instilled in me that have helped and shaped my life to be what I want to be. Thank you for being the foundation that I was able to build on. Thank you for continually giving me support and love. I cannot express my love for you. So I will do it in Audio Tapes! Get excited!

I love you Mom, Dad, Curt, Tiff, Zach, Jess, Nana, Papa, Friends, and Lakewood Ward <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

P.S. I had a really good lesson from my mission president this week he is so amazing to us. This is his 2010 Goal for us. "To become spiritually mature and self-reliant

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6, 2010

I was so glad to hear your email, but I am physically exhausted. So we left Marinduque today to go to Zone Cone in Lucena. We left at 6:00am got there at 6:30 bought tickets for the 10:30 boat, after we went to get lunch in the Bayan or town we arrive at 9:00am and the 10:30 boat decided to leave early :) So we got to wait till 2:30 before we could leave! But it's all good my good buddy Elder Vandermyde jammed out on the guitar played funky songs by the sea and thought about life and pondered it haaa and sang filipino songs with the filipino children. Then after we got sunburnt like crazy we went up to the pier to mingle with the other elders and played uno! other than that Im sorry Id ont have much to say we don thave much time and i cant think of much. I have never been this happpy thank you soooooooooooooo0o00o0o much for this experience. I'm working so hard in Boac but things are so difficult there its really nice to get out of the island for a bit and join the mainland again. I'm so tired but so happy! The piano is picking up ( I can read music that's weird! dont tell drew!!!!) and I'm trying out the guitar again :) sorry again for the purchase but I am furthering my personal develop ment haha I'm going to be really short here but know that I'm still surviving and I am so happy here. God is so good to me, and my family is indescribably.

I have some fun Moriones Festival pictures and souviners for you coming in the mail soon!


next week will be a much longer letter.