Monday, August 31, 2009

Good Luck Son August 31, 2009


haha I don't have time to translate that last letter if what's you sent was from's easier for me if you just dear elder them! Sorry if I've been distant lately I've never been this busy in my life we have something to do EVER hour of the day and I feel bad because I haven't been able to write my friends too much. At any rate I really enjoyed the packages I got this week haha especially the Shock Pen, It was very clever of you to take the packaging off so that I would shock myself! My district thinks you are the coolest mom now haha.

Any rate so I sent the pictures home, the guy you posted on line is actually Brother Ward my teacher haha, my Companion is Elder Saunders I can't really explain what he looks like he has brown hair and biglips, in the picture with us 4 in our room, the blonde tall one is Elder PErry and the short chubby with dark hair and glasses is Elder Westwood.

The week has been absoultely crazy and I can't believe it's monday. Well we taught Tagalog this week and it didn't go too well. We didn't get to teach a tagalog teacher but other missionaries so it was kind of pointless I hope that we can get it together this week. Things are kind of slacking in my companionship and it's really hard to get Elder Saunders motivated for the work. It seems that I'm doing all the work signing up for Teacher Evaluations, Classes, Workshops. who knows, perhaps the Lord is testing me. Oh well as long as I work my hardest the Lord will provide. The MTC is shortly coming to an end I have about 21 days left and a lot more Tagalog to learn haah but all is well I basically feel comfortable speaking with people for the most part.

Tuesday was amazing! Elder Richard G. Scott came, he is an Apostle in the church. Basically one of the leaders like in the old times with Christ he had 12 apostles, the church is set up the same way with Christ leading it. He spoke with so much power and authority it was very invigorating. And something that may set you at ease was that he said "I invoke a blessing upon you all here by the mantle of apostleship which I hold, I invoke upon you the Gift of Tongues that your tongues may be loosed and you can spread the Lord's gospel with boldness in a foreign tongue in the name of our Lord Jesus christ amen" When he said those words I felt the spirit fill my body and I felt so great about the language, So I'm not too worried if I truely study and work hard. Another thing which I think you will appreciate the most is that he also "invoked a special blessing of protection upon you, that their shall be a shield around you that will protect you from harm, as long as you are faithful, obedient, and have good judgement when you listen to the Spirit, In the name of Jesus Christ Amen." Honestly after he said that he shared a few examples in his life when he listened closely to the Holy Ghost and it reminded him or told him things to avoid and he shortly found out that it saved his life. The Holy Ghost has worked with me here it's hard to explain but it's this still small voice in the back of your head that comes with a burning in the bossom sensation. A warm peaceful orderly feeling that pours out throughout your body.---Sorry it's hard to explain sometimes, But you guys are entitled to feel it aswell! you may feel it when I'm doing something in the field, and it reminds you how amazing you are and how happy the Lord is because you let me serve a mission. And how much he loves you because you are his Children.

At any rate I'll share his story with you.

So he was serving a mission in Bolvia some years ago, and he was traveling with his missionaries to meet with someone to buy food so that the people in Bolvia where he was serving could get good protein or something. but they had to meet this man at the Airport before he left and they were running late. (yeah that's right an APOSTLE of the Lord runs late too, just like me) They were driving down the road at night and the 2 Elders with him told him "Hey President let's go down this shortcut so that we can actually get to the airport on time" and then he almost agreed until he felt the spirit whisper to him "Don't go down that Road" he wanted badly to do it because he knew he would miss the guy at the airport if he didn't take it. But at any rate he decided to follow the Spirit. And fortunately he met the guy at the airport and all was well. He later found out a few weeks later that during that night, Che Guevarra the Revolutionist was smuggling guns through that same shortcut and if they caught up with him it wouldn't have been good.

Sorry I'm bad at telling stories but just so you get the just of it. The Lord takes care of his servents so don't worry about me :)

Now to the letters that I recieved this week:

What the heck! Zach hurt himself again? and he is out 2 weeks? what is going on? And Mom broke her toe at the park...unfortunately I laughed when I read it but I didn't mean too! GOOD JOB TOBY! haha I'm kidding! I hope you guys are feeling better! It seems that we are all cripples! This morning I put your names on the Prayer Roll list at the Provo Temple, so Hundrends of Saints will be praying for you every hour of the day for 3 weeks, But i hope you feel better. I miss you guys..badly.

I hope Curt is doing well,

Did you get my package that had Zach's, Curt's, and Mom's gift in it. I send some cool stuff from the Philippines if I can afford it for the rest of your birthdays.

How is Jessica/Jason?

How is Tiffany and school?

How is Dad?

MOM Don't worry about the boot haha! they gave me a NEW walking boot and didn't charge me a dime. The church takes good care of it's missionaries I mean they gave me Oxycodine for a sprained ankle!

I forgot all the questions you asked me through out the week because the days are long but the weeks fly by, so maybe next time on saturday or friday send me a list of questions you want to know about the MTC and I'll write a letter or email based on that. I'm really bad at explaining what happens here so please ask if you want to know! I'd love to tell you!

I really cannot believe that tomorrow is September 1. and I got 21 days till I'm in the Philippines I can't wait! i don't think I'll be delayed but I go to the Dr. Next week, Today in the temple I walked without the boot on and it didn't really hurt I was just slow. So that's a GREAT SIGN!

Tell me what's been going on at home, I really have no idea what you guys have been doing. Tell PaPa and NaNa I love them..I haven't had time to write them but I will in the coming days or today. Just to stress again it's so ridiculous here! It's really hard, but I love it I love every day I'm here. And it's sad sometimes because I miss home I miss my family and my friends and life would be so much easier if I lived a normal life. But I would give anything up to be on a mission. The experience and knowledge and Amazing people I meet is changing me forever and I can only thank the Lord for that. I'm so happy right now and haven't been happier, although I am a little stressed. I know once I get into the Philippines and get to WORK i'll be at my lowest lows and highest highs.

I want to invite you guys to do something this week: I remember how hot is was in arizona last summer and how much riding a bike outside would be brutal. Invite the Missionaries over for dinner one night this week and talk to them about the MTC and mission life/ etc I know that it will help you better understand where I'm coming from:) And the Elders at Lakewood are AWESOME! I hung out with them a few times before I left, you'll love them! Ask the Rodgers for their numbers they're good kids!

Thanks again for all your love and support, I miss you terribly and love you all very much, Each time I go to the Celestrial room of the temple I pray that God may bless each and everyone of you. I love you Jessica, Tiffany, Zach, Jason, Nana, Papa, Curt, Mom, Dad.

Mahal Kita,

Elder Gonzalez

PS what is case's address?!?!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Week starting August 24th, 2009

Aking Pamilya!

Lubos na nagpapasalamat po ako para sa inyong lahat ng pagmamahal. This week has been very interesting and trying during some parts. We are now in the phase were we are only teaching in Tagalog and it's a little frustrating but I know all I have to do is study and pray a little more. Honestly the Language is coming but there is just SO MUCH TO DO HERE, and I was really stressed out in the begining of the week, but I have really great teachers (Leslie,Ward,Hawkes,Rather, Doria) who helped me basically understand that in the MTC they give you all the tools you need to learn the language and you use whatever is necessary to learn it. It's quite frustrating when you have to teach 1 lesson daily, study the bible/book of Mormon, go to the tall lab, study grammar, study vocal, make lessons plans, make lesson plans in tagalong, go to class, study for your language task that week, study for your progressing investigator, write your talk for Sunday, and then crutch around. Ha-ha but today I am happy to announce that I am CRUTCH LESS. I'm walking now...with a boot and it's a glorious feeling to be able to get my own food and do my own laundry. (Yes I do my laundry now, I NEVER REALIZED HOW EASY IT IS! you wash it and then throw it into the bag... NO FOLDING IN THE MTC :) )

I got a letter from Brett Steele this week, you know Kendall's son who is Jakarta. He really gave me some great advice and reminded me to take it easy and not get burnt out. I love him and the advice he gave me reallllly helped, make sure to remind Kendell how great his son is.

I have 28 days left the countdown started 2 days ago. and I am so eager to leave! I know that once I hit the Philippines my language will take of, I can already "basically" say what I want to now. but i still have a lot to learn YIKES. I've grown tired of the MTC and everyone is telling me once you get through it you're mission will be so much easier and time will fly. The MTC is going by crazy fast right now so I can't imagine what the field will be like.

This week we spoke a lot about the Atonement of Jesus Christ (his prayer in Gethsamane and in Golgotha on the Cross so that he could take OUR sins upon him, so that we can be reconciled with our father in heave) and his love for us. I could never really understand it at home, and I still can't understand it now. All I know is that I was laying in bed one night thinking about all you guys. Zach, Tiffany, Jessica, Dad, Curt, Mom, Jason, Nana, and Papa. And I was thinking about my life before the MTC I never really made it a point to tell you how much I loved you every day or really showed it in my actions, and that I truly regret. While I was laying in bed I realized how much I truly do love you all and I would be more than willing to lay down my life for anyone of you in a minutes time.--At that moment the atonement sprung to my mind and for maybe a matter of 5 minutes I could FEEL an INCH of that love that our Savior and God have for every single person in the world. Enough that Christ would give his life for us in a moments time and he did. It's an interesting thought as I lay there in bed I began to think of those in the Philippines who are being prepared for me and I realized that, that is now my NEW HOME, they are my family, they are mine. It is MY RESPONSIBILITY and Calling to love them and take care of them the Lord has given me the privilege and I will stop at nothing to show that Charity and Love toward them. It will be hard because sometimes my ego gets in the way and I like to argue but I need to try my best to have the love in my heart at all times. ---Sorry that got a little deep and weird. I guess what I am trying to say is that don't think for a second I don't think about you every day and my pillow isn't wet from tears at night. I may not have always showed it or acted on it but I proclaim I always have and always will love you all dearly and nothing can change that. The wonderful thing about sharing the Gospel is being able to honestly look people in the eyes and say

"Kumusta Po Brother
Ano ang Pinika-Mahalagang Bigay Sa inyong buhay?
Alam ko na wallang-haggan na buhay dahil sa mahal ng dios tayo"

Brother how are you? What is the most important thing to you in your life? I know that familes can live forever together, because God loves us.

if you think about it it's a glorious message. It's very interesting to see peoples love for their families. I don't know I'm just kind of saying thoughts now ha-ha--sorry

At any rate, thank you so much for the packages this week everyone in my district probably loves you for them. By the way Elder Perry wanted me to tell you how "cool" you are because of your support and how much cool stuff you send especially the Code of Arms that was really awesome!

I can't believe that happened to Zach?!!? Is he doing better? Just that's weird to think in a matter of a play his whole football career could be over. Tell him to be safe and that I pray for you guys nightly. I'm really excited for football season to start. oh and sorry about spending money on the Debit card I came down with a bad sinus infection/cold I had to by a ton of medicine and I bought you guys something for Zach's birthday so excuse the $ it took.

Overall I'm doing great here but just tired of the same old routine. And I'm sorry I don't get to send you guys letters too often I'm beyond busy here it's absolutely crazy! I've never been this busy and I've never gone through anything this difficult but this rewarding. I'm really growing up ha-ha don't worry I'm still immature I don't think that will ever change. Thanks again for giving me this opportunity.

I was glad to hear that my friends could visit home, I really hope they didn't take any of my GOOOD clothes ha-ha I'm kidding. I hope by the time I get back I won't be able to fit them, but seeing how in the MTC I eat so much I won't be able to fit them in a good way. Tell Jax that if he wants me to write him maybe he should respond to my first LETTER. Eamon and Ian have been pretty good at writing. I need to make more time for them but Friends/Family YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BUSY I AM So Forgive me! I promise in the Field it will be a lot better

I gotta run I love you all very much

Mahal Kita,

Elder Gonzalez

Remember: "Jehova-Jireh"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 17th, 2009

Yes we are allowed to answer back with this website for your information. Unfortunately we can't see any of the pictures so if you could send the ones of Zach's team that would be great.

This week has been probably my favorite. Although I did fracter my leg funny enough. Mom because of your intimidating letter not only does the Branch President know me by name and face, but so does the MTC presidency haha So I am the last person to talk to my parents via phone, everyone is jealous that I got to talk to you guys. and it was good hearing your voices. But I can't stress it enough I'M SAFE HERE:) they take REALLY good care of me actually too much they have desert with every meal and I have a horrible sweet tooth, oh well it will just be more weight to lose in the Philippines. But thank you for caring enough it really meant a lot. So i guess i'll start out with how tired i've been lately haha. Theres a quote that President Hincley used to say all the time. He was the Prophet of the church who passed away a few years back. "You should wear out your life in service to others" Well, I suppose I just got a little bit of a taste of that this week. Crutches are rough to walk around the MTC on. But atleast i'm not in any pain at all and it's a good workout! I'm very happy to be here though, some more of my prayers were answered by our father in heaven this week let me explain.

So Elder Saunders and I had a T.E. Teacher Experiment, were we were to teach the 2nd Discussion which is the Plan of Salvation basically it answers all the questions. Where did we come from before Earth, Why are we here, and where exactly are we going. It's my favorite so far, I loved it when the missionaries taught it to me and I love it now. Before the lesson I had prayed a lot and asked God to help me have the gift of charity so that I could really LOVE those I teach more than myself (Weird coming out of your Sons mouth huh?) and have the Spirit with me so that I could teach, not for myself but for those who are being prepared for me. The Lesson started, the teacher we had was named Sister Carpentor I asked her to be as REAL as she could be because it helps when people don't agree with everything you say. So she pretended to be an investigator she taught while she was on her mission named "Melissa". She was a single mother with a daughter named Sandy. Had no belief in God I couldn't understand why evil exist if there really was a God that loved us. The lesson started off pretty well. She said she hadn't read the book of mormon since the last time we "taught" her. I bluntly told her. Melissa the Lord wants to bless you and your mission out when you don't read, I PROMISE you that your life will improve when you show faith in Christ, I'm not saying this to help me it's only to help you!" The lesson continued on, When I started bearing my testimony about the Atonement of Jesus Christ/Gospel/My Conversion. I felt the spirit very strongly and it was odd but before I knew it my eyes were wet and as I said those words I felt a change come over her. She started asking more questions. It was a little weird for me because we were just in a TE, but it felt so real. This is where the Lord answered my prayer. When she was sitting across from me I sat there looking into her eyes as Elder Saunders was teaching. And I felt GREAT REMORSE. As if she was very close to me like family. And I could relate to her pain and lonelyness at that moment I felt an INCH of the love our savior has for us and it was nothing short of remarkable. I wanted to LEAP over the table and scream in her face "THIS WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE! JUST LISTEN TO THE SPIRT!"---yet at the same time I wanted to weep because of the pain in her life. I wanted her to know that Christ wants desperately and can put her life back together, just trust me. Listen to the words that I teach, Ive been sent from God. He has heard your souls lament. Just Please trust me.

Very weird experience to have come over me that I had that much love for someone I just met. I know that the work I am doing will change peoples life, but it's not because of me or my abilities for I am nothing with out the power of God. One of my favorite scriptures right now in the Book of Mormon is when Ammon. He is a missionary who before wasn't so great he ran around with his friends called the Sons of Mosiah and tried to destroy the church well they saw an angel and were quickly changed and started believing in God. They felt so awful that they lead so many people away that they all served 14 year missions (2 is enough for me:) ) and after the 14 years they all met eachother again and Ammon told all his great stories about cutting off peoples arms, chasing sheep, being cast into prison, and baptizing many. Well one of his friends says "I think your boasting" and Ammon responds. which is the scripture that is my favorite ;) (sorry for the Bad introduction hope it helped)

I boast not of my strength, for I am nothing but I boast of my God because through him I can do all things.

And that's how I feel and I love it.

quick story on how i broke my leg for those who aren't in the loop!

I was playing Volleyball during Gym and got a little cocky after I blocked Elder Dennis (The New Zealander) when he told me to "DO IT AGAIN EWWWLLDER " So as I went up to block him again I came down and landed on my ankle sideways, while Elder Daily (Quite a Big Elder) landed on top. and before I knew it I was on the ground and the nurse came over immediantly and was like" want to ice it?"
And I replied "Eh I mean I guess if you want to it doesn't really hurt"
"it will make it feel better"
I said "Okay sure let's do that" and I walked over to the clinic.
I say about 4 minutes after icing it I couldn't walk on it again haha.

We have an amazing opportunity, remember when we were in Utah and I wanted to visit the open house of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, well next Sunday they are dedicating it. And they are letting the MTC participate. I don't really know much what we do all I know is that we get to say "Hosannah! Hosannah! Hosannah" and wave white hankerchiefs its like tradition to say? and Hosannah is a hebrew praise for God or something. Haha apparently it's a big deal so I'm kind of excited maybe you can ask the Rodgers and feel me in on what these crazy mormons believe!

But in all seriousness thank you so much for the packages this week! the caleunder <-- I forget how to spell english was amazing! I really enjoy it and so were the snacks! I miss you all and love you very much! I hope the house renovations are going well and everyone is doing well. Oh and tell Kiki that I ALMOST forgive her for pooping in my room so many times from the letters she sent.

Send some letters my way this week so I know how everyone is I love you all. Thanks for everything you have done for me in my life- I mean it.

May Pinica-Paamilya Ako!

Mahal Kita,

Elder Gonzalez

P.S. How is Aunt Saundy I had a dream about her the other night and felt impressed to ask.

Until next week family!

Monday, August 17, 2009

August 12th
Oh its not good. He broke his left foot playing V ball. The bone is broke from the small toe to the ankle bone. It is separated and fragmented, he will need Screws put in the bone to anchor the bone in place and remove the broken chips. The first thing he told the Dr through tears was I do not want to go home.
He is at a foot specialist right now and they are suppose to call me upon his return to let me/us know when surgery is scheduled. I will let you know but they do not believe it will cause him to be unable to complete his mission. He may be a bit delayed.. Its out of our hands.
Please pray for Josh!!
More to come

Great News from Debbie

 August 13th

Great News .. We were able to talk to Josh last night.. I waited for almost three hours by my phone, because I assumed the Dr or nurse would call back about 1 1/2 after his appt.
When I went upstairs for a few minutes, I missed two calls.... I was crushed.. I immediately returned the call at the same number and no answer. I continued to call and finally a young
man answered, as the MTC library.. It was then I assumed it was Josh trying to call... I asked the young man if he knew Josh.. ( of course not ) I asked him to glance around and see if there was a
young man with a broken leg... The young man was not very friendly and obviously was not of much help to me.. It was about 6:20pm by then.
I still had my phone glued to me and one eye on it.. at about 8:00pm it rang a Utah area code, I snatched it up, fumbled it and the call was lost... Could it possible get any worse? I was then convinced that it surely was Josh. At 8:15pm it again rang a Utah area code and I answered it CAREFULLY.. It was him.
He said due to a combination of errors and the way that is injury was handled, he and the District leader we heading to the President's office at the same time the President was heading to see Josh.. they discussed everything and it was then that the President told him he need to call his Mom and home and to apologize and to let me know if I wanted to speak to him about it then he gave me his personal number..

First off let's start off by his status and then I will ramble OK.. He said he did get an email from you and how much he loves you.. I do not recall if he said he was able to answer it or not.. He may have said he would be answering very soon.. He apologized for not answering all my questions but it's hard to remember things a week later.. ( A polite way to blow me off )

He is doing great, he went to the specialist and was told that he had Jones break, then a reversed break and then he and his companion could not recall what they called it.. ( Great )
He is on crutches and a soft cast, probably wrapped. He will be like this for two weeks and he returns to the Doctor to see how it's doing at that point they decide if they will cast it with a walking cast or a hard cast.. for the next 2 to 4 weeks.. then he should still be on schedule.. if its longer then that he has an extra two week window, before it would or could affect his. mission.
If it is only turns out to be an additional 2 weeks or a total of 8 weeks recovery it would only affect his field work ... I assume by not being able to be out there and being behind two weeks..
Josh I am sure would make it up, in a short amount of time.. The Doctor did not talk of screws or bone fragments or chips or surgery... Is that odd or what.. He did tell Josh that he was extremely
lucky for only suffering the damage he saw and is treating.. Josh told him it was not luck but his Lord providing and the power of prayer.. I asked Josh if this Doctor did his own x-rays and testing and he replied , No he used the same ones they took at the BYU emergency room.

Ok here is where it gets strange,
I spoke to the head nurse there around 11am , yesterday morning,, she read me the chart the comments and the position of the bones which bones were affected and what the Dr who had seen him recommendations for treatment would be.. I wrote the information down and we even had to spell a few of the bones involved and the condition of their alignment. She also read to me the action plan that this Doctor had apparently charted and the course of treatment he believed they would need to follow.

1. Surgery attaching screws to anchor the bone into position and remove the various fragmented pieces.

2. To pin the bone into position and have absolutely no weight baring for 4 to 6 weeks to see if it would self adhere, but due the severity and the damage captured and recorded by the radiologist and along with the fragmented pieces and given its location and the activity level of a restless 19 year old male subject, this undoubtedly would result in fusing the bone together at a later date. That in its self could be hindered due to the calcification deposits created by the pins utilized for this treatment.

3. To Cast and attempt the bone to correct itself, due to the complexity of the injury this will not
be an option.

Those were the options, given and I was told by the nurse, that basically this next appt was a second opinion.. I now ask you how could it possible change so drastically..

My first thought while talking with Josh, was alright is this new Doctor qualified ?? I asked Josh and his companion what the pain level was, he was given pericuset ( misspelled , but that really strong pain killer ) he had not taken any only Aleve and slept all night. That sounds odd also, because unfortunately that drug is now a drug of choice for addicts, and Dr's seem to be pretty stringent in distributing it.. ( not that he looks like a addict )

Then we all were talking about how demanding he was being because someone had to carry his lunch tray.. ETC. How he challenge a young man for an evil spike volley just he and the other Elder.. showing off and bam first attempt he fell and someone fell on top of him squashing his foot.. I told him it was the Lord , because he was being boastful, he replied it may have been but I still won, because I broke my leg and everyone feels bad for me.. OH BROTHER..

He told me how wonderful it was and how happy he was and he sounded delighted.. he loves his fellow Elders ETC but is ready to go into the streets..

I asked if he needed anything and a few simple things were mentioned, and the companion was saying something.. I asked for his request it was beano ?? I was puzzled , what is that,,
well, it turns out that our sweet Josh takes delight in an unruly stomach certain times with the guys... Now understand he is not alone and the report is that he is hands above all others.
It is never in front of the Sisters he informed me ( Thank Goodness ) His companion mentioned it's when you least expect it.
That being said my dear, he is not hurting to much of in much duress..I believe the Power of the Savior and Prayer showed us His Miracles once again..


He will go back in two weeks, probably will not call again :( but an email I hope... I will let you know as soon as I find out..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Debbie's news on August 11th

Oh no.  Just received a call from the MTC. Josh broke/fractured his foot playing volleyball  :(  
He saw the MTC Dr. but he did not think just casting would work. He is going to a specialist. If its real bad then they will call us back (like surgery or pins)
If normal break with cast he will fill us in with his next letter. Oh Geeez
More to come

Monday, August 10, 2009

Week ending August 10th

Haha It's good to hear that you survived a terrible work weekend with Nana and Tiffany. I know I would probably go crazy too! By how much both of them talk I'm suprised you are still hearing!  ;)  For some reason your package hasn't reached me yet and I think in a letter I got last monday you had already sent it? I'm desperate for shirts! Infact I'm in the laundry room washing my clothes wearing an old smelly gym shirt from Wednesday. I suppose the Lord is trying the missionaries around me haha. I'm glad you tried to pray, however I'm not quite sure it works in Casino's hahaha but if it does and you win big. You can atleast pay some tithing on it to ME. That roughly calculates to 10%. However this week has been really fast honestly I say that ever letter but I can't believe its Monday again. I look forward to Sundays and Mondays because they usually aren't too busy then I remember that I'm unfortunately am rushing around to get to class/choir practice. (yes you read correctly I am in the choir there is like 600 of us, so you can hardly hear my voice that's how I sneak in!) The language is coming a lot faster since we started MKL Magsalita Ka Language or I guess the correct Tagalog would be Magsalita ka wika (Speak your language) Where the only thing we can speak outside of Gospel class, personal study, and companion is Tagalog. I have to admit I cheat quite a bit in Gym because I don't know the words for "WHAT ARE YOU DOING !" and "SET"--Remember I'm determined  on Intermural volleyball haha.
This day is a sad day in the MTC. The 9 week elders are leaving to the Philippines today. And I've become good friends with a lot of them. Elder Williams, Elder Carlton, Elder Hunsaker, Elder Mace, Elder Mauhtila, to name a few. I think I will miss Elder Mace the most, but he is going to San Pablo so we have the chance of being companions. He is somewhat of a convert like me and we both are in love with Modest Mouse! AHH OOPS sorry that's Babylon I'm not suppose to talk about those kind of things:). In our district when someone speaks "Babylon" we get to smack their hand as hard as we can, or 1 minute death abs...which is basically a minute of Russian twists (Ask Zach he should hate them by now). It don't know if I explained how we learn the language but basically we teach ourselves. We study and get some instruction then we pray for help. And It actually really succesful. Soon I shall be a tagalog speaking fool thanks to my creator because you and I both know my study skills are not sufficient! I'm growing very close to my district it's weird in this short ammount of time i've known them i've made life long friendships. so that means I'll be able to visit New Zealand, Dallas, Washington, CA, Somao when I get home haha! I hope every one is doing well back at home. Fill me in with the details? and WHY ARE THE DOGS IN MY ROOM! It was forbidden for a reason! Because they like to go to the CR (tagalog for Comfort Room) in my room. I hear jessica got a promotion that's exciting! Zach and Tiffany are starting school soon? How's Nanny and Papa, I got there letters this week it really cheered me up I need to find time to write them. Speaking of time the reason I can't send anything out or barely send letters is because I HAVE NO TIME! it's class class class eat eat sleep.
Basically my schedule at home minus class and add a whole lot more sleep. Pertaining to the Box though hopefully it comes up or I get it later today, or that means Curt will have to send his Sacred Under Armor Shorts since I have had to wear dirty clothes this week to gym! Don't worry like I said before I'm just like the whale to Job, I'm just another trial in a missionaries life.

But on a more serious note though. I absolutely love it here and I miss you guys terribly so I try not to think about it. I pray for you and thank God everynight that I've been blessed with such an amazing mom full of love and trust who showed me the meaning of family and being your own person, a stepfather who has always been behind me in whatever I decide to pursue and shown me love even when it wasn't returned, sisters who love and care for me so much that they would wake up at 3am to let me in and are an example of hard work, a brother who is a hero of mine because he makes good decisions and lives a good life when he can so easily fall to temptation, and a father who's helped me realized the importance of family and doing the right thing.

I've growned so close to my Savior and have lately been seeing the Hand of God in everything that happens to me and thanking him for that. I invite anyone who is reading this letter whether it be my family or friend or someone who stumbled on it. Trust me that the words I will say next are words of truth and eternal life. The Savior of the world is Jesus Christ and he has carried and bore all of our sins so that we don't have to. His yoke is easy and his burden is light he shall give you rest if you come unto him. Why you may ask? because we are LITERAL CHILDREN of our father in heaven. Think of how much love your parents had for you or the joy a baby can bring into a room. I can attest that's the kind of love that your father in heaven has for you and he wants you back. But you don't have to take my word for it. fall on your knees and pray to your God in the name of his son Jesus Christ and I promise you his will answer your prayer through his spirit. It will be the most amazing feeling you've felt full of peace and order.

I suppose I'll end this letter with a quote from my favorite him right now

Nearer my God to Thee #100
and though it be a cross that raiseth me
Still All My Song Shall Be
Nearer my God to Thee

Love you all more then you can imagine,

Elder Gonzalez

Friday, August 7, 2009

Second Week in the MTC

So this week was so eventful and the MTC is flying by seriously! And I am learning the language even faster! I love all the letters I get everyday...except for they stopped showing up at the end of this week  :(  where's the love? So tuesday we went to the Referrel Center and we got to call people who requested a bible or video or something. I was really excited that I could actually start doing some work for the Lord opposed to being a class room all day. We were only there for 30 minutes and it took 29minutes before someone picked up the phone and I was losing faith but I prayed that I would be able to teach someone. And surely the Lord provided  ;)  as he always does. A lady picked up the phone who had ordered a bible she's from Dallas and just recovered from Breast Cancer, so I told her I' d get here another Bible and offered her The Book of Mormon and if she'd like some lessons from the Missionaries. She gladly accepted and I had a REALLY good conversation with her for about 30 minutes. Just talked about life she told me to pray for her so I did over the phone I asked her if I could call her back and see how things were going so I'm overly excited for tomorrow!  Wednesday was just a regular class day and I got to play Sand Volleyball I'm playing with all the Islanders so they are making me pretty good HERE I COME BYU INTERMURALS! haha so kidding. Thursday was Teacher Experience, Where we had to teach an investigator the first discussion which is basically about How God loves everyone, prayer, prophets, the apostacy, the restoration through Joseph Smith, and the book of mormon.  We also had to introduce ourselves in Tagalog and ask questions about him, FORTUNATELY we were the ONLY ones to get a NATIVE Filipino haha So I could hardly understand the words that came out of his mouth, but Elder Saunders and I didn't do to bad we had a semi- tagalog/english introduction and a whole lot of uhhh what does that mean. Friday was such a powerful day we had class with Brother Leslie, we watched in class a talk from an apostle Elder Holland it was entitled "The Miracle of Missionary Work" one of the most important quotes I've ever heard from that talk was "If you dare say that you are a missionary/representative of the Lord Jesus Christ, and don't expect suffer and hardship, you need to grow up" It inspired me and touched my soul. Last week I thought the MTC was hard but now I know that the mission isn't fun and games it's going to be the happiest time in my life, and the lowest and depressing times of my life but I'm not worried I love it! I got your letter this week about the note left outside and it brought me to tears, an interesting story, I had the notion that I really wasn't Called of God i was just another missionary going to the Philippines (since there are 100 of us going right now) and I really couldn't inspire people that much. I prayed and asked the Lord to give me faith. Let me give some background info on the story. My Buddy Elder Erickson and I always have a competition if i get more than X numbers of letters a day he gets me as much Poweraid at lunch as I want, and if i get under X numbers vice versa. Haha so far I'm leading the class with 14 in one day! Thanks mom! So elder erickson decideed to hold on to the letter you sent me about the note left outside to try and hide the fact I got so many letters that day. And that was before the talk by Elder Holland. So I prayed to the Lord to give me strength and answer my prayers to see if I am actually called of God and if i can make an impression in someones life or if i'm just another missionary. So once I listened to Hollands talk I felt the Lord inspired me that I was called of God. And then when I returned to my room I had the letter on my desk that brought me to tears. I can't believe someone could say something that nice about me. I'm so grateful the Lord could work through me to inspire them. It was incredible. We went to the Temple today and I had another amazing experience being in the Celestrial Room and asking the Lord to pour out his love upon me. I love where I am at and wouldn't trade it for anything even a silver corvette with really lame flower stickers on it! I learned again that the power of prayer is incredible, and I challenge all you guys to try it out. Read Zach's letter it kind of talks about it! I love you all so much! Keep the letters coming they make me feel great! and full of poweraid!

Pertaining to the Box your sending me.

Could you send some beef jerky, some shirts, basketball shorts, gummy worms, I'm not that huge into Chocolate and I still have a TON LEFT , I gained like 3lbs haha I need to watch out how much I'm eating, oh well I'll lose it all in the MTC

BTW the blog sounds really cool and i'll send you a letter with all the stuff you asked me about it. OH and don't mind sending me anymore theology stuff I have enough to read! Thank you guys so much for given me the opportunity to serve a mission I am forever grateful and for always supporting me in what I wanted to do! I wanna hear from all the kids and puppies! thanks for the letter curt!

nagpapasalamat at mahal ko na paamily ang araw araw ko!

mahal kita

Elder Gonzalez