Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Week starting August 24th, 2009

Aking Pamilya!

Lubos na nagpapasalamat po ako para sa inyong lahat ng pagmamahal. This week has been very interesting and trying during some parts. We are now in the phase were we are only teaching in Tagalog and it's a little frustrating but I know all I have to do is study and pray a little more. Honestly the Language is coming but there is just SO MUCH TO DO HERE, and I was really stressed out in the begining of the week, but I have really great teachers (Leslie,Ward,Hawkes,Rather, Doria) who helped me basically understand that in the MTC they give you all the tools you need to learn the language and you use whatever is necessary to learn it. It's quite frustrating when you have to teach 1 lesson daily, study the bible/book of Mormon, go to the tall lab, study grammar, study vocal, make lessons plans, make lesson plans in tagalong, go to class, study for your language task that week, study for your progressing investigator, write your talk for Sunday, and then crutch around. Ha-ha but today I am happy to announce that I am CRUTCH LESS. I'm walking now...with a boot and it's a glorious feeling to be able to get my own food and do my own laundry. (Yes I do my laundry now, I NEVER REALIZED HOW EASY IT IS! you wash it and then throw it into the bag... NO FOLDING IN THE MTC :) )

I got a letter from Brett Steele this week, you know Kendall's son who is Jakarta. He really gave me some great advice and reminded me to take it easy and not get burnt out. I love him and the advice he gave me reallllly helped, make sure to remind Kendell how great his son is.

I have 28 days left the countdown started 2 days ago. and I am so eager to leave! I know that once I hit the Philippines my language will take of, I can already "basically" say what I want to now. but i still have a lot to learn YIKES. I've grown tired of the MTC and everyone is telling me once you get through it you're mission will be so much easier and time will fly. The MTC is going by crazy fast right now so I can't imagine what the field will be like.

This week we spoke a lot about the Atonement of Jesus Christ (his prayer in Gethsamane and in Golgotha on the Cross so that he could take OUR sins upon him, so that we can be reconciled with our father in heave) and his love for us. I could never really understand it at home, and I still can't understand it now. All I know is that I was laying in bed one night thinking about all you guys. Zach, Tiffany, Jessica, Dad, Curt, Mom, Jason, Nana, and Papa. And I was thinking about my life before the MTC I never really made it a point to tell you how much I loved you every day or really showed it in my actions, and that I truly regret. While I was laying in bed I realized how much I truly do love you all and I would be more than willing to lay down my life for anyone of you in a minutes time.--At that moment the atonement sprung to my mind and for maybe a matter of 5 minutes I could FEEL an INCH of that love that our Savior and God have for every single person in the world. Enough that Christ would give his life for us in a moments time and he did. It's an interesting thought as I lay there in bed I began to think of those in the Philippines who are being prepared for me and I realized that, that is now my NEW HOME, they are my family, they are mine. It is MY RESPONSIBILITY and Calling to love them and take care of them the Lord has given me the privilege and I will stop at nothing to show that Charity and Love toward them. It will be hard because sometimes my ego gets in the way and I like to argue but I need to try my best to have the love in my heart at all times. ---Sorry that got a little deep and weird. I guess what I am trying to say is that don't think for a second I don't think about you every day and my pillow isn't wet from tears at night. I may not have always showed it or acted on it but I proclaim I always have and always will love you all dearly and nothing can change that. The wonderful thing about sharing the Gospel is being able to honestly look people in the eyes and say

"Kumusta Po Brother
Ano ang Pinika-Mahalagang Bigay Sa inyong buhay?
Alam ko na wallang-haggan na buhay dahil sa mahal ng dios tayo"

Brother how are you? What is the most important thing to you in your life? I know that familes can live forever together, because God loves us.

if you think about it it's a glorious message. It's very interesting to see peoples love for their families. I don't know I'm just kind of saying thoughts now ha-ha--sorry

At any rate, thank you so much for the packages this week everyone in my district probably loves you for them. By the way Elder Perry wanted me to tell you how "cool" you are because of your support and how much cool stuff you send especially the Code of Arms that was really awesome!

I can't believe that happened to Zach?!!? Is he doing better? Just that's weird to think in a matter of a play his whole football career could be over. Tell him to be safe and that I pray for you guys nightly. I'm really excited for football season to start. oh and sorry about spending money on the Debit card I came down with a bad sinus infection/cold I had to by a ton of medicine and I bought you guys something for Zach's birthday so excuse the $ it took.

Overall I'm doing great here but just tired of the same old routine. And I'm sorry I don't get to send you guys letters too often I'm beyond busy here it's absolutely crazy! I've never been this busy and I've never gone through anything this difficult but this rewarding. I'm really growing up ha-ha don't worry I'm still immature I don't think that will ever change. Thanks again for giving me this opportunity.

I was glad to hear that my friends could visit home, I really hope they didn't take any of my GOOOD clothes ha-ha I'm kidding. I hope by the time I get back I won't be able to fit them, but seeing how in the MTC I eat so much I won't be able to fit them in a good way. Tell Jax that if he wants me to write him maybe he should respond to my first LETTER. Eamon and Ian have been pretty good at writing. I need to make more time for them but Friends/Family YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BUSY I AM So Forgive me! I promise in the Field it will be a lot better

I gotta run I love you all very much

Mahal Kita,

Elder Gonzalez

Remember: "Jehova-Jireh"

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