Monday, August 17, 2009

Great News from Debbie

 August 13th

Great News .. We were able to talk to Josh last night.. I waited for almost three hours by my phone, because I assumed the Dr or nurse would call back about 1 1/2 after his appt.
When I went upstairs for a few minutes, I missed two calls.... I was crushed.. I immediately returned the call at the same number and no answer. I continued to call and finally a young
man answered, as the MTC library.. It was then I assumed it was Josh trying to call... I asked the young man if he knew Josh.. ( of course not ) I asked him to glance around and see if there was a
young man with a broken leg... The young man was not very friendly and obviously was not of much help to me.. It was about 6:20pm by then.
I still had my phone glued to me and one eye on it.. at about 8:00pm it rang a Utah area code, I snatched it up, fumbled it and the call was lost... Could it possible get any worse? I was then convinced that it surely was Josh. At 8:15pm it again rang a Utah area code and I answered it CAREFULLY.. It was him.
He said due to a combination of errors and the way that is injury was handled, he and the District leader we heading to the President's office at the same time the President was heading to see Josh.. they discussed everything and it was then that the President told him he need to call his Mom and home and to apologize and to let me know if I wanted to speak to him about it then he gave me his personal number..

First off let's start off by his status and then I will ramble OK.. He said he did get an email from you and how much he loves you.. I do not recall if he said he was able to answer it or not.. He may have said he would be answering very soon.. He apologized for not answering all my questions but it's hard to remember things a week later.. ( A polite way to blow me off )

He is doing great, he went to the specialist and was told that he had Jones break, then a reversed break and then he and his companion could not recall what they called it.. ( Great )
He is on crutches and a soft cast, probably wrapped. He will be like this for two weeks and he returns to the Doctor to see how it's doing at that point they decide if they will cast it with a walking cast or a hard cast.. for the next 2 to 4 weeks.. then he should still be on schedule.. if its longer then that he has an extra two week window, before it would or could affect his. mission.
If it is only turns out to be an additional 2 weeks or a total of 8 weeks recovery it would only affect his field work ... I assume by not being able to be out there and being behind two weeks..
Josh I am sure would make it up, in a short amount of time.. The Doctor did not talk of screws or bone fragments or chips or surgery... Is that odd or what.. He did tell Josh that he was extremely
lucky for only suffering the damage he saw and is treating.. Josh told him it was not luck but his Lord providing and the power of prayer.. I asked Josh if this Doctor did his own x-rays and testing and he replied , No he used the same ones they took at the BYU emergency room.

Ok here is where it gets strange,
I spoke to the head nurse there around 11am , yesterday morning,, she read me the chart the comments and the position of the bones which bones were affected and what the Dr who had seen him recommendations for treatment would be.. I wrote the information down and we even had to spell a few of the bones involved and the condition of their alignment. She also read to me the action plan that this Doctor had apparently charted and the course of treatment he believed they would need to follow.

1. Surgery attaching screws to anchor the bone into position and remove the various fragmented pieces.

2. To pin the bone into position and have absolutely no weight baring for 4 to 6 weeks to see if it would self adhere, but due the severity and the damage captured and recorded by the radiologist and along with the fragmented pieces and given its location and the activity level of a restless 19 year old male subject, this undoubtedly would result in fusing the bone together at a later date. That in its self could be hindered due to the calcification deposits created by the pins utilized for this treatment.

3. To Cast and attempt the bone to correct itself, due to the complexity of the injury this will not
be an option.

Those were the options, given and I was told by the nurse, that basically this next appt was a second opinion.. I now ask you how could it possible change so drastically..

My first thought while talking with Josh, was alright is this new Doctor qualified ?? I asked Josh and his companion what the pain level was, he was given pericuset ( misspelled , but that really strong pain killer ) he had not taken any only Aleve and slept all night. That sounds odd also, because unfortunately that drug is now a drug of choice for addicts, and Dr's seem to be pretty stringent in distributing it.. ( not that he looks like a addict )

Then we all were talking about how demanding he was being because someone had to carry his lunch tray.. ETC. How he challenge a young man for an evil spike volley just he and the other Elder.. showing off and bam first attempt he fell and someone fell on top of him squashing his foot.. I told him it was the Lord , because he was being boastful, he replied it may have been but I still won, because I broke my leg and everyone feels bad for me.. OH BROTHER..

He told me how wonderful it was and how happy he was and he sounded delighted.. he loves his fellow Elders ETC but is ready to go into the streets..

I asked if he needed anything and a few simple things were mentioned, and the companion was saying something.. I asked for his request it was beano ?? I was puzzled , what is that,,
well, it turns out that our sweet Josh takes delight in an unruly stomach certain times with the guys... Now understand he is not alone and the report is that he is hands above all others.
It is never in front of the Sisters he informed me ( Thank Goodness ) His companion mentioned it's when you least expect it.
That being said my dear, he is not hurting to much of in much duress..I believe the Power of the Savior and Prayer showed us His Miracles once again..


He will go back in two weeks, probably will not call again :( but an email I hope... I will let you know as soon as I find out..

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