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Good Luck Son August 31, 2009


haha I don't have time to translate that last letter if what's you sent was from's easier for me if you just dear elder them! Sorry if I've been distant lately I've never been this busy in my life we have something to do EVER hour of the day and I feel bad because I haven't been able to write my friends too much. At any rate I really enjoyed the packages I got this week haha especially the Shock Pen, It was very clever of you to take the packaging off so that I would shock myself! My district thinks you are the coolest mom now haha.

Any rate so I sent the pictures home, the guy you posted on line is actually Brother Ward my teacher haha, my Companion is Elder Saunders I can't really explain what he looks like he has brown hair and biglips, in the picture with us 4 in our room, the blonde tall one is Elder PErry and the short chubby with dark hair and glasses is Elder Westwood.

The week has been absoultely crazy and I can't believe it's monday. Well we taught Tagalog this week and it didn't go too well. We didn't get to teach a tagalog teacher but other missionaries so it was kind of pointless I hope that we can get it together this week. Things are kind of slacking in my companionship and it's really hard to get Elder Saunders motivated for the work. It seems that I'm doing all the work signing up for Teacher Evaluations, Classes, Workshops. who knows, perhaps the Lord is testing me. Oh well as long as I work my hardest the Lord will provide. The MTC is shortly coming to an end I have about 21 days left and a lot more Tagalog to learn haah but all is well I basically feel comfortable speaking with people for the most part.

Tuesday was amazing! Elder Richard G. Scott came, he is an Apostle in the church. Basically one of the leaders like in the old times with Christ he had 12 apostles, the church is set up the same way with Christ leading it. He spoke with so much power and authority it was very invigorating. And something that may set you at ease was that he said "I invoke a blessing upon you all here by the mantle of apostleship which I hold, I invoke upon you the Gift of Tongues that your tongues may be loosed and you can spread the Lord's gospel with boldness in a foreign tongue in the name of our Lord Jesus christ amen" When he said those words I felt the spirit fill my body and I felt so great about the language, So I'm not too worried if I truely study and work hard. Another thing which I think you will appreciate the most is that he also "invoked a special blessing of protection upon you, that their shall be a shield around you that will protect you from harm, as long as you are faithful, obedient, and have good judgement when you listen to the Spirit, In the name of Jesus Christ Amen." Honestly after he said that he shared a few examples in his life when he listened closely to the Holy Ghost and it reminded him or told him things to avoid and he shortly found out that it saved his life. The Holy Ghost has worked with me here it's hard to explain but it's this still small voice in the back of your head that comes with a burning in the bossom sensation. A warm peaceful orderly feeling that pours out throughout your body.---Sorry it's hard to explain sometimes, But you guys are entitled to feel it aswell! you may feel it when I'm doing something in the field, and it reminds you how amazing you are and how happy the Lord is because you let me serve a mission. And how much he loves you because you are his Children.

At any rate I'll share his story with you.

So he was serving a mission in Bolvia some years ago, and he was traveling with his missionaries to meet with someone to buy food so that the people in Bolvia where he was serving could get good protein or something. but they had to meet this man at the Airport before he left and they were running late. (yeah that's right an APOSTLE of the Lord runs late too, just like me) They were driving down the road at night and the 2 Elders with him told him "Hey President let's go down this shortcut so that we can actually get to the airport on time" and then he almost agreed until he felt the spirit whisper to him "Don't go down that Road" he wanted badly to do it because he knew he would miss the guy at the airport if he didn't take it. But at any rate he decided to follow the Spirit. And fortunately he met the guy at the airport and all was well. He later found out a few weeks later that during that night, Che Guevarra the Revolutionist was smuggling guns through that same shortcut and if they caught up with him it wouldn't have been good.

Sorry I'm bad at telling stories but just so you get the just of it. The Lord takes care of his servents so don't worry about me :)

Now to the letters that I recieved this week:

What the heck! Zach hurt himself again? and he is out 2 weeks? what is going on? And Mom broke her toe at the park...unfortunately I laughed when I read it but I didn't mean too! GOOD JOB TOBY! haha I'm kidding! I hope you guys are feeling better! It seems that we are all cripples! This morning I put your names on the Prayer Roll list at the Provo Temple, so Hundrends of Saints will be praying for you every hour of the day for 3 weeks, But i hope you feel better. I miss you guys..badly.

I hope Curt is doing well,

Did you get my package that had Zach's, Curt's, and Mom's gift in it. I send some cool stuff from the Philippines if I can afford it for the rest of your birthdays.

How is Jessica/Jason?

How is Tiffany and school?

How is Dad?

MOM Don't worry about the boot haha! they gave me a NEW walking boot and didn't charge me a dime. The church takes good care of it's missionaries I mean they gave me Oxycodine for a sprained ankle!

I forgot all the questions you asked me through out the week because the days are long but the weeks fly by, so maybe next time on saturday or friday send me a list of questions you want to know about the MTC and I'll write a letter or email based on that. I'm really bad at explaining what happens here so please ask if you want to know! I'd love to tell you!

I really cannot believe that tomorrow is September 1. and I got 21 days till I'm in the Philippines I can't wait! i don't think I'll be delayed but I go to the Dr. Next week, Today in the temple I walked without the boot on and it didn't really hurt I was just slow. So that's a GREAT SIGN!

Tell me what's been going on at home, I really have no idea what you guys have been doing. Tell PaPa and NaNa I love them..I haven't had time to write them but I will in the coming days or today. Just to stress again it's so ridiculous here! It's really hard, but I love it I love every day I'm here. And it's sad sometimes because I miss home I miss my family and my friends and life would be so much easier if I lived a normal life. But I would give anything up to be on a mission. The experience and knowledge and Amazing people I meet is changing me forever and I can only thank the Lord for that. I'm so happy right now and haven't been happier, although I am a little stressed. I know once I get into the Philippines and get to WORK i'll be at my lowest lows and highest highs.

I want to invite you guys to do something this week: I remember how hot is was in arizona last summer and how much riding a bike outside would be brutal. Invite the Missionaries over for dinner one night this week and talk to them about the MTC and mission life/ etc I know that it will help you better understand where I'm coming from:) And the Elders at Lakewood are AWESOME! I hung out with them a few times before I left, you'll love them! Ask the Rodgers for their numbers they're good kids!

Thanks again for all your love and support, I miss you terribly and love you all very much, Each time I go to the Celestrial room of the temple I pray that God may bless each and everyone of you. I love you Jessica, Tiffany, Zach, Jason, Nana, Papa, Curt, Mom, Dad.

Mahal Kita,

Elder Gonzalez

PS what is case's address?!?!

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