Monday, August 10, 2009

Week ending August 10th

Haha It's good to hear that you survived a terrible work weekend with Nana and Tiffany. I know I would probably go crazy too! By how much both of them talk I'm suprised you are still hearing!  ;)  For some reason your package hasn't reached me yet and I think in a letter I got last monday you had already sent it? I'm desperate for shirts! Infact I'm in the laundry room washing my clothes wearing an old smelly gym shirt from Wednesday. I suppose the Lord is trying the missionaries around me haha. I'm glad you tried to pray, however I'm not quite sure it works in Casino's hahaha but if it does and you win big. You can atleast pay some tithing on it to ME. That roughly calculates to 10%. However this week has been really fast honestly I say that ever letter but I can't believe its Monday again. I look forward to Sundays and Mondays because they usually aren't too busy then I remember that I'm unfortunately am rushing around to get to class/choir practice. (yes you read correctly I am in the choir there is like 600 of us, so you can hardly hear my voice that's how I sneak in!) The language is coming a lot faster since we started MKL Magsalita Ka Language or I guess the correct Tagalog would be Magsalita ka wika (Speak your language) Where the only thing we can speak outside of Gospel class, personal study, and companion is Tagalog. I have to admit I cheat quite a bit in Gym because I don't know the words for "WHAT ARE YOU DOING !" and "SET"--Remember I'm determined  on Intermural volleyball haha.
This day is a sad day in the MTC. The 9 week elders are leaving to the Philippines today. And I've become good friends with a lot of them. Elder Williams, Elder Carlton, Elder Hunsaker, Elder Mace, Elder Mauhtila, to name a few. I think I will miss Elder Mace the most, but he is going to San Pablo so we have the chance of being companions. He is somewhat of a convert like me and we both are in love with Modest Mouse! AHH OOPS sorry that's Babylon I'm not suppose to talk about those kind of things:). In our district when someone speaks "Babylon" we get to smack their hand as hard as we can, or 1 minute death abs...which is basically a minute of Russian twists (Ask Zach he should hate them by now). It don't know if I explained how we learn the language but basically we teach ourselves. We study and get some instruction then we pray for help. And It actually really succesful. Soon I shall be a tagalog speaking fool thanks to my creator because you and I both know my study skills are not sufficient! I'm growing very close to my district it's weird in this short ammount of time i've known them i've made life long friendships. so that means I'll be able to visit New Zealand, Dallas, Washington, CA, Somao when I get home haha! I hope every one is doing well back at home. Fill me in with the details? and WHY ARE THE DOGS IN MY ROOM! It was forbidden for a reason! Because they like to go to the CR (tagalog for Comfort Room) in my room. I hear jessica got a promotion that's exciting! Zach and Tiffany are starting school soon? How's Nanny and Papa, I got there letters this week it really cheered me up I need to find time to write them. Speaking of time the reason I can't send anything out or barely send letters is because I HAVE NO TIME! it's class class class eat eat sleep.
Basically my schedule at home minus class and add a whole lot more sleep. Pertaining to the Box though hopefully it comes up or I get it later today, or that means Curt will have to send his Sacred Under Armor Shorts since I have had to wear dirty clothes this week to gym! Don't worry like I said before I'm just like the whale to Job, I'm just another trial in a missionaries life.

But on a more serious note though. I absolutely love it here and I miss you guys terribly so I try not to think about it. I pray for you and thank God everynight that I've been blessed with such an amazing mom full of love and trust who showed me the meaning of family and being your own person, a stepfather who has always been behind me in whatever I decide to pursue and shown me love even when it wasn't returned, sisters who love and care for me so much that they would wake up at 3am to let me in and are an example of hard work, a brother who is a hero of mine because he makes good decisions and lives a good life when he can so easily fall to temptation, and a father who's helped me realized the importance of family and doing the right thing.

I've growned so close to my Savior and have lately been seeing the Hand of God in everything that happens to me and thanking him for that. I invite anyone who is reading this letter whether it be my family or friend or someone who stumbled on it. Trust me that the words I will say next are words of truth and eternal life. The Savior of the world is Jesus Christ and he has carried and bore all of our sins so that we don't have to. His yoke is easy and his burden is light he shall give you rest if you come unto him. Why you may ask? because we are LITERAL CHILDREN of our father in heaven. Think of how much love your parents had for you or the joy a baby can bring into a room. I can attest that's the kind of love that your father in heaven has for you and he wants you back. But you don't have to take my word for it. fall on your knees and pray to your God in the name of his son Jesus Christ and I promise you his will answer your prayer through his spirit. It will be the most amazing feeling you've felt full of peace and order.

I suppose I'll end this letter with a quote from my favorite him right now

Nearer my God to Thee #100
and though it be a cross that raiseth me
Still All My Song Shall Be
Nearer my God to Thee

Love you all more then you can imagine,

Elder Gonzalez

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