Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 17th, 2009

Yes we are allowed to answer back with this website for your information. Unfortunately we can't see any of the pictures so if you could send the ones of Zach's team that would be great.

This week has been probably my favorite. Although I did fracter my leg funny enough. Mom because of your intimidating letter not only does the Branch President know me by name and face, but so does the MTC presidency haha So I am the last person to talk to my parents via phone, everyone is jealous that I got to talk to you guys. and it was good hearing your voices. But I can't stress it enough I'M SAFE HERE:) they take REALLY good care of me actually too much they have desert with every meal and I have a horrible sweet tooth, oh well it will just be more weight to lose in the Philippines. But thank you for caring enough it really meant a lot. So i guess i'll start out with how tired i've been lately haha. Theres a quote that President Hincley used to say all the time. He was the Prophet of the church who passed away a few years back. "You should wear out your life in service to others" Well, I suppose I just got a little bit of a taste of that this week. Crutches are rough to walk around the MTC on. But atleast i'm not in any pain at all and it's a good workout! I'm very happy to be here though, some more of my prayers were answered by our father in heaven this week let me explain.

So Elder Saunders and I had a T.E. Teacher Experiment, were we were to teach the 2nd Discussion which is the Plan of Salvation basically it answers all the questions. Where did we come from before Earth, Why are we here, and where exactly are we going. It's my favorite so far, I loved it when the missionaries taught it to me and I love it now. Before the lesson I had prayed a lot and asked God to help me have the gift of charity so that I could really LOVE those I teach more than myself (Weird coming out of your Sons mouth huh?) and have the Spirit with me so that I could teach, not for myself but for those who are being prepared for me. The Lesson started, the teacher we had was named Sister Carpentor I asked her to be as REAL as she could be because it helps when people don't agree with everything you say. So she pretended to be an investigator she taught while she was on her mission named "Melissa". She was a single mother with a daughter named Sandy. Had no belief in God I couldn't understand why evil exist if there really was a God that loved us. The lesson started off pretty well. She said she hadn't read the book of mormon since the last time we "taught" her. I bluntly told her. Melissa the Lord wants to bless you and your mission out when you don't read, I PROMISE you that your life will improve when you show faith in Christ, I'm not saying this to help me it's only to help you!" The lesson continued on, When I started bearing my testimony about the Atonement of Jesus Christ/Gospel/My Conversion. I felt the spirit very strongly and it was odd but before I knew it my eyes were wet and as I said those words I felt a change come over her. She started asking more questions. It was a little weird for me because we were just in a TE, but it felt so real. This is where the Lord answered my prayer. When she was sitting across from me I sat there looking into her eyes as Elder Saunders was teaching. And I felt GREAT REMORSE. As if she was very close to me like family. And I could relate to her pain and lonelyness at that moment I felt an INCH of the love our savior has for us and it was nothing short of remarkable. I wanted to LEAP over the table and scream in her face "THIS WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE! JUST LISTEN TO THE SPIRT!"---yet at the same time I wanted to weep because of the pain in her life. I wanted her to know that Christ wants desperately and can put her life back together, just trust me. Listen to the words that I teach, Ive been sent from God. He has heard your souls lament. Just Please trust me.

Very weird experience to have come over me that I had that much love for someone I just met. I know that the work I am doing will change peoples life, but it's not because of me or my abilities for I am nothing with out the power of God. One of my favorite scriptures right now in the Book of Mormon is when Ammon. He is a missionary who before wasn't so great he ran around with his friends called the Sons of Mosiah and tried to destroy the church well they saw an angel and were quickly changed and started believing in God. They felt so awful that they lead so many people away that they all served 14 year missions (2 is enough for me:) ) and after the 14 years they all met eachother again and Ammon told all his great stories about cutting off peoples arms, chasing sheep, being cast into prison, and baptizing many. Well one of his friends says "I think your boasting" and Ammon responds. which is the scripture that is my favorite ;) (sorry for the Bad introduction hope it helped)

I boast not of my strength, for I am nothing but I boast of my God because through him I can do all things.

And that's how I feel and I love it.

quick story on how i broke my leg for those who aren't in the loop!

I was playing Volleyball during Gym and got a little cocky after I blocked Elder Dennis (The New Zealander) when he told me to "DO IT AGAIN EWWWLLDER " So as I went up to block him again I came down and landed on my ankle sideways, while Elder Daily (Quite a Big Elder) landed on top. and before I knew it I was on the ground and the nurse came over immediantly and was like" want to ice it?"
And I replied "Eh I mean I guess if you want to it doesn't really hurt"
"it will make it feel better"
I said "Okay sure let's do that" and I walked over to the clinic.
I say about 4 minutes after icing it I couldn't walk on it again haha.

We have an amazing opportunity, remember when we were in Utah and I wanted to visit the open house of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, well next Sunday they are dedicating it. And they are letting the MTC participate. I don't really know much what we do all I know is that we get to say "Hosannah! Hosannah! Hosannah" and wave white hankerchiefs its like tradition to say? and Hosannah is a hebrew praise for God or something. Haha apparently it's a big deal so I'm kind of excited maybe you can ask the Rodgers and feel me in on what these crazy mormons believe!

But in all seriousness thank you so much for the packages this week! the caleunder <-- I forget how to spell english was amazing! I really enjoy it and so were the snacks! I miss you all and love you very much! I hope the house renovations are going well and everyone is doing well. Oh and tell Kiki that I ALMOST forgive her for pooping in my room so many times from the letters she sent.

Send some letters my way this week so I know how everyone is I love you all. Thanks for everything you have done for me in my life- I mean it.

May Pinica-Paamilya Ako!

Mahal Kita,

Elder Gonzalez

P.S. How is Aunt Saundy I had a dream about her the other night and felt impressed to ask.

Until next week family!

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