Monday, December 28, 2009

December 28, 2009


Sorry this email maybe short I spent sometime emailing other people.

It was such a pleasure to talk to you on the phone the other day--unfortunately I was not able to call NaNa-- :/ because we had curfew and had to go to Lipa before 6 and I ran out of Load on the Phone Card--sorry!

My companionship is "Interesting" for lack of a better word. Another good word is trying or Tsiyaga which is Patience in Tagalog. Elder Casuga is a good person don't get me wrong--but he's also different. The way he approaches work is different. We are polar opposites but I'm glad for the opportunity when I face opposition and hard times I look as it as a time for growth and this immature 20 year old kid that is your son needs as much growth as I can get. I'm trying hard but it seems the responsibility has fallen in my lap--I've become the senior or in other words I'm leading this companionship--which sucks because sometimes I don't do the things I should sometimes I slack off sometimes I dont want to work. It seems I've forgotten this week why I'm here, why I'm even in the Philippines---I suppose because I became trunky from calling home. but I havent working as hard as I should be. Someone once told me in the MTC--you should work so hard every single day that you come home and pass out from exhaustion and cry because you worked so hard that day--frankly I haven't lived up to my calling and what I should be. I really don't know who I am--I doubt I'll ever truly know--but I know who i've been and who I want to be or who I should be---this week has been very reflective for me. I received letters from friends that really made me happy, I see their goals and aspirations to pursue what they want to do and it's pleased me so much! I'm just as excited for them as if it was myself--I've grown up here it's true but at the same time I haven't grown up enough- the tremendous load is on me it's true and I'm not living up to what I want to be--You can't make everyone happy--but you should at least try and make yourself happy right? Well I'm not happy with myself so I shall change and work harder next week i haven't done anything "Wrong" just not enough if that makes sense?

I write this letter with sorrow in my heart, because I miss a land that is far away, friends that are soon forgetting me, a loving family that is the best thing that's happened to me and I'm so happy that they are well, and I'm not content with who I am ---but my eye is set on who I should be

stay tuned it's time for me to obtain self perfection or at least try---with God anything is possible.

I love you all very much my beloved family and friends


Monday, December 14, 2009


December 14th 2009

Hello Family,

sa aking buhay, nararamadaman ko mashadaw malungkot, kasi si elder bondoc ay magtratransfered sa ibang area, sa palagay ko siguro sa Lucena, and magtatangapp ako ng isang bagong kasama at may autism siya, sinabi ni presidente sa akin na "kailangan ko sa iyo para sa isang mahalagang trabahjo"

Haha I guess that's just proof that I can speak Tagalog now, This weeks been interesting. We had zone interviews with President this week, oh how I've learned to love him, and he told me who my new companion would be. I thought that was interesting since he usually NEVER Tells you. But he also had something else to say. He said I've been praying and praying about this decision I'm going to ask you to do and I felt impressed that you were the answer so I really need you to take on this challenge. You're going to receive Elder Casulga as your next companion, he's a great missionary...but he's what they call "Autistic" so he's very shy and doesn't really mingle with the members or investigators so I need you to be excited like you always are and I'm sure you'll do great Elder! Can you do that for me? I appreciate you so much" The dialogue went something like that. Of course I agreed to whatever he wants, he's my mission president and holds the priesthood keys of this mission. But now I'm beginning to realize how hard this might be. I told Elder Bondoc, and of course he was upset we are really great friends, so tracting this week he pretended to be an "Elder Casulga" and I tried to teach and tract, I am able to but it's so uncomfortable and difficult, oh course because it's in Tagalog and I'm still a new missionary I don't know what I'm doing haha! But then I received an email from my MTC teacher, talking about our trials in the mission, he says that we're his "Kapatid" (children) which I'm grateful for the man has inspired me so much. He said " Don't allow yourself the comfortability of Doubt and Self-Pity in this work" So as I sit here, scared confused uncertain and homesick my mind often wonders to the scene in Gethsamane nearly 2000 years ago, when Christ took on that bitter cup of the sins of this world, was he scared? of course! was he unsure? I'm certain. was it uncomfortable? More than anyone could imagine. So I'm inspired and my heart is high as I anxiously await Friday the 18th when we go to transfer day and I get my new companion and bid farewell to Bondoc maybe for the last time.

I love you so much thank you so much for loving me and taking care of me and teaching me morals and values that have shaped me into what I should be...I haven't reached it yet. This email will be short because I'm going to try and include a bunch of pictures! know that I love you and care for you all like you wouldn't imagine. and I love Todd haha I need to write him! THE HOUSE LOOKS GREAT! my rooms blue! cool haha

love always,

Elder Gonzalez

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 8th, 2009


Sorry for taking forever we got up early cleaned the house and went to lipa to find out that Elder Park is no longer zone leader in Lipa :( He became Assistant to President (or Aso Ni Presidente/Presidents Dog) and we went to blueRoze with sister Niro because it is her last P-day here and then she will return home to Baguio. It was so much fun, I can't really describe it it's like a zoo/playground/bike riding area? It's really great and beautiful butttt I forgot my camera!!! AHHH But i felt like a normal human being again, when Bondoc and I rented mountain bikes and were riding around down hills, and then we went and picked on the monkeys it was really fun. Regarding the Massacre in Magindanoa, don't worry I'm over 12hrs+ away from there, and as I said before you have to be an IDIOT to go to Mindanao or Magindanao especially as an american. I guess they kidnapped the Governer and his wife and killed him in order to be elected Gov. Thats pretty intense huh? Yeah the politics here are beyond me, however all is well in Sto. Tomas. Regarding Tiffany's dream HAHAHA Yeah that wouldn't happen, every filipino is in LOVE with me here and they are obsessed with Americans, it's actually kind of sad and annoying...however I'm safe and Sto. Tomas is great! Atleast it's not Marinduque haha that place is as about as Rural as you can get...and I hope I get sent there ;) So about the Charges today, I bought my self a Christmas Present today, I'm taking upon myself to teach myself Piano here, so I bought an electric piano! :( shouldn't be too hard...So I've become like Curt I now wake up at 4:30, work out, think, look at myself in the mirror, then listen to music, and go jogging at 6:00. However now instead of thinking and looking at myself haha I'm going to practice Piano! This week has been so good to me, We had Christmas Zone Cone and we all got together with president and the AP's and the 3 other zones (Batangas,Lipa, and Mindoro) and played games hung out and FEASTED! We also bought presents and had a secret santa, I unfortunately got 4 bath towels :( Elder Bondoc got an electric Tennis Raquet fly killer? Yeah I'm not sure, but I've shocked him with it already ahha. I'm truly going to miss him, I love him so much and we're like best friends here. He's going to be transfered on Dec. 18 and I'll recieve my follow up trainer, but I'll be staying in Sto. Tomas WAAAAHHH haha it's okay it's just we've tracted EVERYWHERE and it's getting old, But sister Jolly does my laundry and the members love us so I suppose it's okay!

Haaa Regarding the Starbucks controversy! Yes there is a Starbucks in Lipa and I frequently visit it, I get Hot Chocolate with a shot of Carmel and sit and remenisne about home and christmas here and you guys...before district's actually REALLY nice and I bought you a present for Curt there, a really cool coffee mug...however I need to find the time to send you all your gifts!

I'm okay on jeans, I buy clothes here occasionally I brought those jeans in the picture, I'm really into buying extremely ugly shorts and outrageous t-shirts and basketball jerseys haha but they are amazing and CHEAP!

I indeed go to KFC and it was DELICIOUS, I was forunate to be put in a City or near one atleast so there is KFC,Mcdonalds,Starbucks, and Chowking. I'm proud of myself, last saturday we went to Chowking because it was fast sunday the following day and I walked in Determined and Inspired. I ordered the SUlit Para Sa 3 or this meal for 3 people. It was OUTRAGEOUS, however it took some time and Bondoc had to encourage my by saying "Kaya Mo JOE!" but I finished it and wanted to throw up after! But it lasted me for over 30hours without food haha so all was well!

You mentioned in your last letter, if KFC is the only safe place, I wouldn't know what is safe or what isn't I really eat anything that looks good, and unfortunately that usually isn't the best idea I can't believe some of the stuff they eat here haha but I really try anything and it ends up in me spitting it on the ground and regretting it:), but I've yet to get sick! :):) I really abstain from blood and liver that is bawal to me in my opinion.

WAH ZACH IS MAGIGING Varsity Runningback? That's so amazing! I bet he's huge, I'm so proud of him and think of him quite often I love you man and I can't wait to see you when I get back. Since you're so strong and tough now, let's see if you can do my workout that I do each morning.
300 Situps
150 SkyWalkers
75 Russian Twists
75 Reverse Leg Crunches

I'm sure it's easy for you but I regret it each morning as I rise to the Song from the movie "goofy movie" titled "EYE TO EYE"--there is fear in my heart when I hear it come on haha.

Ugh I miss you guys so much! and think about you all the time I love you so much, I'm sorry this letter is boring I'm just excited and greatful to be your son and here in the Philipines! I LOVE IT HERE. and I have to keep an eye on the Piano I bought that's behind me

Jessica,I'm so happy you recieved your promotion and your still Masipag(hardworking) I love you very much haha those pictures were hilarious of Guinness and I'm glad you're still animal crazy, speaking of which I have a new HATE for puppies, so the Prostitutes that live next door to us have boughten 3 puppies and they run wild, cry at night until 3 in the morning, and when we open our front door they run inside and we have to chase them, and they also eat our trash...which leads to my next question...did you happen to give KiKi a cellphone or something to reach these insane animals? It's like Kiki x 3, you wouldn't believe it

Tiffany: I thought about you this week and all that you've done! I'm so proud of you! going to asu and going to china that's so great!!!! Honestly I know you'll have an amazing time!!! I'm proud that you've worked so hard to get where you are at and are experiences the world with all it's complexities and problems!

Curt: I miss you so very much,there are times when I wish you were near so that I could ask you questions about the world and it's peoples you always seemed to give good advice and know what to say to help me understand. and you lived in an area kind of like this place or perhaps you ate as much rice as I have when you were in Vietnam haa

Dad: I miss you so so so much, I haven't heard from you since I got here, maybe jessica didn't reply the message I hope you're doing well and I miss you're optimism and hardworking attitude you gave me. I thought of you this week, we were doing a service project with Elder Park and Cabatuando in Lipa cutting grass with Machetes again haha, and Park was sooo MAsipag he just kept cutting and doing it, and said something to the effect of "If you're gonna do something make sure you do it right" you've always taught me that principle and I'm thankful for that, this world is plagued with a overwhelming curse of laziness, which results in selfishness and taking advantage of people it's sad but I'm slowing learned to kill that curse.

Mom: PLEASE RELAX! I hope your happy about the home IT LOOKS GREAT! I miss you so much and there are so many nights I wish I was home so I could vent or cry or even just hold you, I miss you so much and am so proud to have a mother of your status you're my hero and greatest influence


HAHA NEVER!!! I would walk to manilla and fly home before I'd marry out here haha, I mean Pilipinas are great and nice but I personally think it's embarressing to meet your wife on your mission haha that's just me. speaking of which! we met this security guard on the street and he told us to teach his family of 6 sometime early in the morning so Bondoc and I finally decided to go ovethere at 7 we get there and he keeps making Jokes about me being able to marry his 16 daughter and says I trust you, LIKE CONTINUALLY and I just laugh and look around scared with raised eyebrows. then when he lefted for work he said "Goodbye my future son in law" --let's just say we aren't returning there haha it's akward when people offer me there daughters to marry aishaaaa

anyways this letter is boring but just know I'm safe, happy, and I love you and the Lord so much

may he continue to bless you with all that you have. I love you so much!!

Elder Gonzalez