Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th 2009

Hello Family,

sa aking buhay, nararamadaman ko mashadaw malungkot, kasi si elder bondoc ay magtratransfered sa ibang area, sa palagay ko siguro sa Lucena, and magtatangapp ako ng isang bagong kasama at may autism siya, sinabi ni presidente sa akin na "kailangan ko sa iyo para sa isang mahalagang trabahjo"

Haha I guess that's just proof that I can speak Tagalog now, This weeks been interesting. We had zone interviews with President this week, oh how I've learned to love him, and he told me who my new companion would be. I thought that was interesting since he usually NEVER Tells you. But he also had something else to say. He said I've been praying and praying about this decision I'm going to ask you to do and I felt impressed that you were the answer so I really need you to take on this challenge. You're going to receive Elder Casulga as your next companion, he's a great missionary...but he's what they call "Autistic" so he's very shy and doesn't really mingle with the members or investigators so I need you to be excited like you always are and I'm sure you'll do great Elder! Can you do that for me? I appreciate you so much" The dialogue went something like that. Of course I agreed to whatever he wants, he's my mission president and holds the priesthood keys of this mission. But now I'm beginning to realize how hard this might be. I told Elder Bondoc, and of course he was upset we are really great friends, so tracting this week he pretended to be an "Elder Casulga" and I tried to teach and tract, I am able to but it's so uncomfortable and difficult, oh course because it's in Tagalog and I'm still a new missionary I don't know what I'm doing haha! But then I received an email from my MTC teacher, talking about our trials in the mission, he says that we're his "Kapatid" (children) which I'm grateful for the man has inspired me so much. He said " Don't allow yourself the comfortability of Doubt and Self-Pity in this work" So as I sit here, scared confused uncertain and homesick my mind often wonders to the scene in Gethsamane nearly 2000 years ago, when Christ took on that bitter cup of the sins of this world, was he scared? of course! was he unsure? I'm certain. was it uncomfortable? More than anyone could imagine. So I'm inspired and my heart is high as I anxiously await Friday the 18th when we go to transfer day and I get my new companion and bid farewell to Bondoc maybe for the last time.

I love you so much thank you so much for loving me and taking care of me and teaching me morals and values that have shaped me into what I should be...I haven't reached it yet. This email will be short because I'm going to try and include a bunch of pictures! know that I love you and care for you all like you wouldn't imagine. and I love Todd haha I need to write him! THE HOUSE LOOKS GREAT! my rooms blue! cool haha

love always,

Elder Gonzalez

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