Friday, October 23, 2009

October 19, 2009

So because the computer shut off I lost my long letter that I wrote to you so this short one will have to suffice I have no time

I live in Santo Tomas outside of Tanauan
Baptism last week had 4: No ward support it was difficult

I'm going nuts in this internet cafe, so many lil kids yelling about a video game

Give me your address to write you too. MISSION HOME
Have you worked with the victims of the flooding, mudslides deaths ec. no
Do you need anything ?
Do you really need toilet paper ? no
Do you have a freezer yes
Do you have a microwave no
How is your foot doing
Are you driving or walking
walk drive
how is your asthma doing.
havent had problem
I will be mailing you a box by mid week.
dont send if its that expensive

I'll email next week I'm sorry I went hiking today.

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