Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5 2010


Thanks for your email this week! This week has been crazy, so much travel and just doing things and at the same time difficult. Monday, we went to Nasugbu (the sisters area) and we hung out on the beach, I was really tempted to ride a horse but I decided to be obedient ;). Tuesday, I went on a split in Balayan (Elders area) with Elder Centenio my old companion back in Sto. Tomas, then we met up with the Elders in Batangas at night to sleep there. Wednesday, we had to travel to Lipa for Zone Conference, it was a great time. I really cannot explain how happy I was. I can't describe how much love and spirit was there, It was perhaps one of the happiest days of my life, truly a Zion mission we are all united and just love and care for eachother. And Presidents message on Sanctification and becoming better than we are really motivated me! Thursday- we had weekly planning so I finally got to work in my area on thursday and we only got 3/4 lessons that day. Friday, we had service in Nasugbu we helped the sisters moved because their apartment was a joke...haha literally it was made of Cawauyan (bamboo) and hallow blocks, Then Elder Parilla and I split so that I could interview their candidate for baptism. Saturday, my comp didnt show up in Lemery (area of the Zone Leaders) until about 10, so I had to go home shower and get ready, but when we arrived I said Elder lets go we have appointments! so we worked the morning with out showering...let's hope our investigators didn't mind ;). Sunday, we went on splits and worked with our investigators. We went to Correa family, we watched the Restoration DVD (movie about Joseph Smith) I bore strong testimony on how I knew it was true and that God brought forth the book of mormon for our time. However, they seemed to not even want to read it. I challenged them to read the book of mormon, they started giving us excuses as to why they couldn't do it. I challenged them to 5 minutes a day, they continued to give excuses I then said "1 verse a day" and then they told us how they believe whatever church they are in it's okay, as long as they pray and be good people, "religion doesn't save a person daw". I said exactly, your exactly right, but heres the thing, lets say everything I've said is true, and God really did bring forth this book, why would you not read it and pray about it? It's simple we aren't here to debate tell you you are wrong, we are here to invite you to read and pray about this book. I was a little defeated, because they were so kind to us, they had amazing questions. But when it came down to them having to keep their commitments, they backed out. That's not the first time and definately not the last time. A lot of our investigators, seem to not be keeping their commitments, and it's frustrating. I suppose it's comparable to raising children (don't worry I don't have any yet). But Mom you've always know what was good for me and what would truly make me happy, and when I didn't do the simple things like spend time with family, get good grades, have good friends it hurt you. You could see the end of all my choices, it's the same here. I've seen my life change and everything good that's come to me, and I want to share it...however some people are stuck in their daily routine, but that's life, thats the way salvation is, thats what God knew man would do when he gave them their free agency. Is it depressing? sometimes. You get really close to these people promise all these blessings, then you hear the same excuses over and over, and a lot of the time they just lie to you. But I am still hopeful, I'm so happy that I was able to teach and meet Nanay Bello (the 55 year old we baptized) because of here and the things that I hear are happening in Santo Tomas, keeps me excited. I hear of the converts that we made there are still active save 2, and the families of some of the part members that we taught are coming back to church. Elder Centenio baptized Nanay Bello's son and he is planning on serving a mission. Although it's depressing and defeating, the Lord continues to strengthen me. In other new with my companion, I've trying to stay hardworking, it's hard sometimes...somedays I don't feel, others days my companion doesn't. It irks me sometimes when I go on exchanges and I hear they only had 1 RCLA the whole day (Recent convert or less active lesson)--which are the easiest to get because they are members. But I have to be patient and long-suffering...haha thats the hardest for me...and yeah and trying to kill my pride, he keeps coming back ;).

I'm way excited to see the house, the pictures look incredible really! and Glad to hear that Ellen and Rob made it safely to Colorado.I actually forgot it was 4th of July, but I think we are planning on burning some neckties soon....because it's my YEAR MARK! haha :)

Mom, don't worry about your condition, I know that whatever happens the Lord will take care of you. I fasted for you earlier this week. However, we will see what happens. Just one thing I want you to know is that I love you and I thank God everyday for you guys and for this wonderful opportunity I have to serve. I know that he needs me here, and I know I need to be here. Please just keep that in your mind, that I love you and think of you continually.

I'm going to try and send pictures later, we are going to Fantasy World later today!



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