Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14, 2010


This week has been pretty hectic. But I am happy! We got some pretty good work done and i learned a lot of really good lessons. I'm not going to lie I'm not the happiest this week, I'm actually far from, but the work will go on. Yesterday we watched the Christmas Devotional and all I could think was about home. It's interested to realize how much I have resisted the homesick feelings, I did pretty well...except till last night..but I suppose that's what Christmas will do to you...where ever you are! This week in Mindoro has been trying that's for sure. we've dropped a lot of investigators because they didn't want to progress... I had a few arguments with my companion this week but that's because that's living with companions. We both just humbled ourselves and repented of our pride and apologized! In short this weeks been hard haha. But I'm incredible grateful for it! I'm a lot better of than most people I know. I'm in the service of The Most High and the feeling I get everyday I cannot describe! So in other news we've been teaching Gil, he's this awesome 35+ man that really is into the teaching and he's scheduled for baptism we just gotta work out the Word of Wisdom! he's got a problem with smoking! Uhh yeah I miss home haha i'm being honest. but I'm still excited to work so i'm not sure if it's trunkiness. I just think about it a lot and all our christmas traditions...and I miss Nana's pumpkin pie and the celery with peanut butter...I'm sorry this letters short i don't really have much to say. My hearts torn, I love the Lord, I love this Church, I have amazing friends here and at home, I love my mission president, I hate the effects Sin has in our lives, I hate when I can't help people over come their weaknesses, and I hate my pride. But I love you guys ssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

oooooooooooo much! in regards to when I'll call you...i'll just text you a time i have no idea what's goinng on with that the office is really bad lately with dates and we just found out last week we have ZLC this week...right in the middle of work! awesome! No one seems to be doing anything right these days ahah or even know that's going on! But all is well. The Church is true, I'm learning, I'm growing, I'm thinking about home... 5 transfers till I'm home? are you serious? In 1 year I'll be married with 3 kids and a ton of debt...haha who knows.. i try not to think about home to much...yeah i think it's the christmas season that's getting to me....im swamped at church and all i get our text and questions and people asking for paper work on recent converts and lessons and progress reports and...haha i'm now in a good mood man my head is insane i have nothing else to say im sorry. haha i love you guys so much!!!!

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