Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011


First off! I miss you and think about you a lot! this week in Mindoro was amazing! We got to work a lot! And therefore got rejected even more! If my calculations are right which probably aren't...We got punted 17 times (when we scheduled appointments and they weren't at their homes) and the countless hours tracting and weren't let inside the house. However I'm happy and I'm really hopeful this week. God is extremely good to me here. Elder Montesclaros and I have been trying to find more and more investigators and we've completely changed our teaching technique because of the new curriculum that the First Presidency came out with so it's feel so comfortable doing something for a year and a half something so cookie cutter and easy, then the throw something new at you and you have to adapt. I'm adapting pretty well though, Elder Montesclaros has been really helpful..He's a great missionary that really knows how to teach by the spirit and we make an awesome team! In other news Elder Trebas the new AP is coming to Mindoro tonight and I am so excited! He's one of my best friends here in the mission, a goofy kid from california who loves to make music and skate like me! I have a feeling I've always be kicking it with him in California when I get back. I love this work so much, Even though it's extremely challenging I love every minute of it. Trebas will be bringing my other box which is filled with old cookies and other old things ahha all is well, We'll still eat it! I regret to inform you but my time in mindoro is drawing nigh and i feel i've be transferred but I know that I'll be back in July with you. I really love the members here! and it's my first branch and area that really have an idea what they should be doing. President Pilayan the branch president, washes my clothes everyweek, President Mones the district president, feeds us every sunday night 6 of the elders usually show up, and every monday morning we get all the PResidencies Elders Quorum Sunday SChool, etc and I woop on them in basically...being members of the church I didn't think they were suppose to cheat the much but I suppose it's the same in church ball haha. I love this island so much! I'm gonna miss it! I'm also gonna miss all the referrals we get from the members I can't tell you how many people we are teaching because of how strong this branch is. We've been teaching this 30+ girl named Minchi and she's amazing! she went to church even before we started teaching..and no she keeps all the commitments to read and is really striving to find out if this church is true...and that's really all you need to do. It really is tiring day in and day out you hear excuses as to why people couldn't read 9 verses in a book that we ask them to's less than a they don't pray when they said they would. But i'm really learning patience..I've never scolded, I teach them like children haha...Sister Brother...Why didn't you read? But I'm so grateful. I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am for God's grace to make me such a weak individual be able to stand like a giant and teach the doctrines of the kingdom. Here in my mission I've experienced really strange and scary things, but I take a lot of strength when I look down at my chest and see the name of the Savior. He's never forsaken me and I've never felt alone here. This transfer I've prayed and fasted a lot, more than I've ever done in my entire life and it was an interesting thing that happened to be about a week ago. I had prayed and fasted for a person here for the longest time, and when I thought all was lost that there was no more hope...Heavenly father answered my fasting..I suppose it's true that blessings comes after the trial of faith..I even doubted, I thought my fasting was in vain...but He proved me wrong. That's something I've really learned here to stop depending on myself and thinking I can do it all myself..I am a fool before God and through His help I can become great! I love my mission and most of all I love you family! I can't wait to get back and spend time with you....gosh I miss you!

your son


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