Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011

Family, Friends, and whoever really reads these's been awhile!

This week has been so amazing! Elder Jerusalem and I have had so much success here in Calapan. Last Sunday was really stoked we had about 215 people come to Church...and last month ago we only had about 150 coming... Last sunday we had 6 investigators come to Church and the Sisters had 12 come to church so everyone was really stoked! We'll be baptizing Romar this week, he's a 16 year old kid that basically lives at the church haha he is ALWAYS there! and He's awesome! He plays basketball with the youth everyday and goes to seminary! Basta the kid is a stud! I really cannot believe it's gonna be week 3..that means I only got about 3 weeks left in Mindoro before I'm transferred....TIME GOES BY WAY TO FAST!!! what is happening to my mission! but I know that I'll be home soon :) which is also way exciting! Other than that Elder Jerusalem and I are still tearing it up here and everyday is so much fun! Sorry for taking so much money out last week it was his birthday and I had to find him a present haha you don't know how serious filipino's take their birthdays! So I desperately owe you some pictures and I have a bunch of really awesome ones just sitting in my camera...which is sitting in the house haha and I am too lazy to go get it so please excuse me next week I'll send them! and right now I am currently starving the last time I ate was a few hours ago..So good news..I met a kid named RJ and he had a Loaded Longboard...needless to say hahah I did a little longboarding...I felt SO FREE hahaha! It was amazing...and Zach just to let you know...I still got it out when I get home. hahah. Mom I just wanted to really thank you on the last 2 letters you sent... I really cannot describe how they made me feel...but yeah I was in tears the last 2 I read..I'm pretty sure my companion thinks I got dear johned or something haha. So I have some interesting news for new mission president is named President Peterson..he's from Gilbert Arizona and is in Elder Hansen's that means if you call elder hansens mom you can get his number and you can chat with him and learn all about me or something fun I bet he'd love to learn about the misison and how much your son loves it...don't talk me too up though he might ask me to extend :). In other news...I really love being a zone leader..The other week Elder Jerusalem taught a really awesome workshop on becoming better and effective missionaries...we taught about being ourselves...not killing become Elder Gonzalez...but become Elder Josh Gonzalez...Smile, Have Fun, Make Bad Jokes, and Be yourself. Enjoy the Work. Most importantly love the people and love the Lord. I really have learned so much and I am so happy here in Mindoro...if I could have 1 wish I'd love to go one more transfer here in Mindoro but that probably won't happen. Where ever I am assigned I know I'll be happy. I suppose thats the greatest thing I learned from my 21 years on this earth...woah? 21 that's crazy haha.

I've come to know for myself and I honestly believe whereever I go, whoever I may be with, whatever happens to me...I'm gonna be happy. I'm going to be content. I'm going to believe in myself. and I am going to do my best to raise my Brethren and those around me. As long as I am active in the Church, have a clear conscious when it comes to my relationship with God, and I have done no evil to my brother I'm gonna be happy and I'll have friends..I don't mean to sound arrogant but that's how my whole life has been and I don't expect it to change. All thought I've met a lot of people in this life, been stabbed in the back, heartbroken a few times, used, cheated, persecuted...I still am grateful for everything that has happened and every single thing I've experienced I really cannot even begin to tell you how much I've changed.... this world can be ugly but it's so beautiful. I guess the message I want to get across to you all to be hopeful.

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