Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

Mommmma! Family and others!

Again..This week has been actually really really fast and a lot of problems happened in the zone this week and really felt the weight of my calling as a zone leader I also kinda felt like a father having to deal with problems and baby sitting..but you know it's all in a days work of a superhero! We baptized Romar this week and it was a really awesome experience...he really reminded me of myself..and when he bore testimony at the end of his baptism is was really powerful...Elder Jerusalem and I just looked at eachother in awe..really quick haha perhaps i forgot to tell new companion is elder Jerusalem from Zambaonga Del Sur...if that doesn't mean anythnig to you I don't blame's in way south mindanao it's a pretty rough area but he is such a stud! He's a brand new ZL this transfer so i'm teaching him everything I learned ha-ha but i really love our companionship! Last sunday was his birthday and the sisters here in Calapan (Sister TuiFua (a really loud crazy tongan) and Buton
cooked us lunch and bought him a cake...for his birthday I kinda sorta borrowed some money from you and bought him a guitar ahah and we jam everynight! I'm actually a little upset I'm only gonna stay one transfer with him i really am having so much fun here in mindoro and we are being blessed so much by the Lord it's like baptism are just lining up week after week and people are excited and willing to listen and change their's incredible. I hate the fact I'll be leaving this island in about 13 days....maybe the Lord will bless me with another transfer...haha I doubt it....but you can dream right?
The other day I was thinking about how really long 2 years is....holy cow I've been gone a LONG LONG LONG TIME! But I really am so grateful for the time I've been able to consecrate to the Lord...I can't possible explain how much I've learned and changed as a person...everyday when I bear my testimony of the Saviors love to the hearts of my investigators i feel so powerful. I love my mission so much, and I owe everything to my Savior and you guys for letting me experience this...These last 2 years I've met so many amazing people...who suprisely have yet to forget about me...I get text all the time begging me to visit them..and I know when we come back to the Phillipines they'll love you just like they did me. I've come to love the Phillpines so much and Filipinos SO SO SO MUCH...I mean before I thought I love Jax and his strange habits...but now I LOVE FILIPINOS haha I am so obsessed with them I think they are the coolest thing ever...even the kids I don't care what you say the kids in the phillipines are so legit..they are tough as nails and hilarious..I love the food, the culture even when I don't understand it, I Love really old Nanay's and Tatay's and riding on jeepneys and overtaking 6 cars at a time and seeing peoples eyes grow big when they speak to me in english and I respond in tagalog..I love this country SO MUCH..ugh haha thank you so much for letting me serve this mission I'm a completely new person.

I love you guys so much! I hope your back feels better! LOVE YOU!!!!


sorry ran outta time!

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