Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011


It was really good talking to you the other day for mothers day. It was really hard to believe that...that was my last time before I go home. My mission has truly gone by way too fast! So, like I said in our conversation...I was being transferred away from Canlubang and now I am currently in Lucban...and it's ridiculously cold! Today I had to take out money to buy a jacket...I never thought I would ever have to do that in the phillipines. I'm actually reallyy enjoying my "Last Area" or what I suppose will be...I don't think President will transfer me in my last 4 weeks...but who knows..revelation sometimes works like that! So as suprised as everyone is I am companions with Elder Shepardson...he's been out for a bout a year and I've known him because of transfers and stuff...we're pretty good friends so I am stoked about that...He is still a World of Warcraft addict like I used to be...Our companionship has been amazing and I'm helping him a lot with the language...But probably my favorite part a bout the new area despite an amazing companion, cold weather, nice ward, a ton of work happening here, even though I replaced Elder Dioso (my trainee / Child in the mission) is that I am in Lucena City and still Zone leader! along with Elder Centeno...A companion I had over a year ago back when I was in Santo Tomas...I really didn't think it could work out that amazing in my district and the surrounding areas I have a bout 4 or 5 people I've been companions with in the past and it's really good to all be reunited...On Pdays we just go to elder hansen's apartment and live there and eat all their food and hang out at SM I love it here in Lucena...the water is ridiculously cold...but it helps me stay awake at 4:30am...President made me Zone Leader again...haha I almost laughed when I heard that...not the fact that I think I am above a calling, but because that means at the end of my mission I will have been District Leader for about 10 1/2 months, and 7 months as a Zone Leader...take about 2 months for the's been about 4 1/2 months in my mission where I had no calling or leadership position Oh boy!

In other news, it was a little hard to say goodbye to elder mace...but he already has it set up and he'll make it to my home coming talk on the 24th, He's now training and he gets to reap all the hard work we did in Canlubang...I mean that saturday after transfer day they baptized Bert and Rose (The couple who we had married that same day...the one with health problems and really short on cash) What a bummer! I'm happy though he could share a baptism/wedding the first day his Kid got to the that kid is SO lucky! and knowing Filipino Culture...I bet there was A TON OF DELICIOUS FOOD! At transfer day when my name was called..I had my people cheer for me and I stood then got very silent as Elder Cannon waited in anticipation before he called the name of my new companion and where I was going I really had absolutely no idea...I looked a little apprehensive and confused...I made eye contact with President in somewhat of a pathetic smirk...he laughed at me and then gave me a wink and a thumbs up! And shortly after I found out I was going with Elder Shepardson...I can't tell you how loud I shouted and how high I jumped! We finally made it to our house after we stayed the night at Elder Hansen's apartment because it was a little far...Here is where probably the most memorable event happened to me this week...we were walking up to our giant fotress house (Which by the way was filthy inside...apparently my Kid (dioso) never learned how to clean...I'm sure you can say the same thing Mom ;) ) and I saw this beautiful horse, clean silky white maine with a long tail blowing in the cool Lucban air as it chewed upon the slightly wet grass from the light drizzle imagine this beautiful picture and how nothing could ruin this moment...I saw the owner she was standing next to him and with the gleam and smile on her face..Thinking back it was probably a smirk because she knew what was going to happen....anyways I asked the woman if I could pet her horse and if he would let me...of course she allowed me too and commented on how nice and well behaved her animal was... Now keep in mind my beautiful just kept getting better and better in my mind...beautiful fortress house, awesome companion, cold filipino air, green grass, white stallion...and it go even better I rememebr all that I had learned from my Horse man ship merit badge training and all my Life Scout abilities...I approached it on the left side slowly began to rub it's neck and moved down to the face and nose..I rubbed its soft silky skin for probably about 10 seconds... my heart begin to swell with pride and accomplishment as I looked at my companion for approval and praise..I called out his name to get his attention...which now I later regret...when my companion turned around the horse, my dream, my fantasy, my perfect fairy tale description drastically changed and instead of munching on the green grass it decided to wrap it's oddly shaped teeth around my whole arm and clamp on to me haha in other words the horse bit me! After waking up from dream world I laughed it off jumped back and with a chuckle I said to the woman, "Akala ko sabi mo mabait yun.. haha" or in words less tagalog...I thought you said he was nice!

Haha as epic as this storyy may seem it really wasn't I now have a massive bruise on my right tricept that goes to half of my bicept (I've been working out so it's a lot bigger than you can imagine) I wasn't really scared until the members told me I was going to get rabies and die...I quickly texted President Anderson and he told me "I was a sissy and he has been nipped by horses many of times," after a few words exchanged on the lack of height he possess and my lack of good looks, we were both decided I wasn't going to die..but INDEED LIVE! It was quite a lovely stress relieving moment in time. So now I sit here in Lucena, With Elder Hansen by my side...he says "Hello!" and these last 3 days in Lucban have been memorable I'm really excited for the work here we have a ton of work to get done here and I am begining to realize why Heavenly Father has sent me here...I've come to find out that there are two Deaf people who have been coming to Church for the last 3 months and want to be baptized, but the missionaries haven't been able to teach them that much..seeing as theyy don't speak sign I told them not to worry because we have a member who is fluent and I told them I would begin studying about 2 hours a day...I'm stoked and I've been filled with the spirit of the Lord and like tagalog I know that he will bless me with the knowledge I need to help save His children! I love it here in the mission and I'm truely going to miss it so much! Ugh I miss you all so much! I love you so so so so so much! In regards about any packages...don't worry I'm all set here I'm just gonna work hard and enjoy these last 9 weeks...I'll be home SO SOON! Love you all! Take care!!!!!

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