Thursday, June 2, 2011

May 23, 2011

Minamahal kong pamilya,

This week has been extremely interesting and a whole lot of fun. Elder Shepherdson and I have been working in Lucban and for some reason now it's ridiculously hot...then it rains...then it gets really cold...then it gets hotter than it's ever been..then it thunderstorms...then it rains...then it gets hot..I don't understand the weather here. The work here in Lucban has been interesting...I've been running into a ton of people that knew Sister Spjute and other missionaries here. Lucban is actually a pretty cool has amazing sunsets, awesome friendly people and the members here are great...we don't get fed too much that's why I always have to take out money to pay for how much my companion and I eat..sometimes it scares me..but I'm working out pretty consistently so no worries! I've really enjoyed being district leader again for the second time in my mission...I never thought I'd become it again but I've grown so much and changed since the last time I was nearly a year it's been really fun to see how much of a change I can do in my own district and help other missionaries here see their potential and I think I'm having a pretty good run at it...I have merely 8 weeks left and times running out like crazy, but elder sheps and I are having the times of our lives and I really love our companionship...we hang out with Elder hansen every pday in Lucena. I love that kid more and more every day I'm excited to see his Mom at my homecoming and even at the airport...speaking of which could you make an announcement on facebook that would be really fun to see thousands of people there (I'm being a bit presumptious haha)
We had a Stake Conference here in Lucena and I was able to see president the 2nd time in under a week it seems haha...I thought I'd only see that guy another two times...but now it's been like 4 or 5..I promise I'm not getting into any trouble haha..I've been a good little missionary. The other day while I was showering in our freezing shower, I looked out the window and I saw the tall coconut trees and the huge blue cloudy mountains in our backyard and I realize I've been living in paradise the last 2 years and it's good to be alive. I also had the spirit testify to me in those sacred few minutes that the Lord was happy of my work on my mission and I've felt really great since that day this week. I've worked really hard on my mission and I am considered by some to be a pretty obedient missionary..which means absolutely nothing...but I felt appreciated and I felt that my work here has not been a waste..I've grown so much and I've made so many life long friends...many of which will be at my home coming! President Anderson gave us a really good talk on not to judge and to learn to love and stop looking at peoples faults and weaknesses. I've set a few goals for myself and I'm come to know that it doesn't matter where people are coming from everyone can change and become better. I've come to learn how beautiufl people are and how much we need more to lift up opposed to break down.
It's really crazy how fast my time has gone here in the Philippines but it will be something I will always treasure, although it has it's problems like all nations and things, it's really hot, and my mission was riidculously changed me and made me what I am now and I am proud to be that person.

I love you all so very much! P.s. I hope you killed it in the golf tournament!

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