Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

haha great letter, I liked how it was short and to the point..and in
ALL CAPITALS! I fear that your sight is failing you...let's hope not
haha. or perhaps the indonesian is messing with your could
always call Brett and have him help you with that!

Now to answer your questions: I wasn't transferred I am still in Lucban, Quezon
My last transfer was a lot of fun with Elder Shepherdson, I don't
think I had that great of an influence on him or helped him find his
fire...but he told me I taught him the importance of reading
scriptures...though you never read them too often...we still had a
great time!
It was a bit sad to see president go..when he was leaving his office
he kinda did a quick escape...okay elders I will see you now..and
basically ran out of the office because he was teary eyed and drove
away...he doesn't leave for a week and a half though
I told you about my new companion in my venting letter...however he is
really nice and I am enjoying it ....taking in each day having fun
teaching, just enjoying being in His service for another month
I'm back to a District Leader...that means I got a district to take care
of and people to interview..and apparently that's what I will "die" as
in the's cool I like being able to instruct my district
every week and I am finding it very easy with all the in-field
experience that I got now! ( I got a demotion, but need to leave the new President in the best hands) , I am working with and training the new Zone leader, to ensure my job here is complete and carries onward.
I'm excited to hear I'll be able to hang out with you for a week when
I get home...I'm sure your boss and everyone in 5 square miles know
that I'm coming home haha..

I just wanted to remind you of the exact dates to avoid any confusion.

Arrival: July 18th around 1pm- Sky Harbor
Home coming Party: Hopefully the Saturday of 23rd.
Home coming Talk: 24th 9:00am

Mom, could you do me a huge favor and make those Facebook
announcements so that we can get a ton of people there...I'd love to
have the house filled when I get not because I want to show
you how good I am at cleaning...but because I am vain and think myself
important.. ahha.

Regarding food...I am craving bad Mexican Food...hopefully we can have
Dad cater again...

I hope it's okay that a few elder from the mission are planning on
being there...they can crash in my room...I mean your office...we're
used to sleeping on pretty bad surfaces so we don't mind sleeping
under desks...

other than plans for when I get home date wise.

July 18-24th Home coming and hanging out with you guys
I don't know if the boys have got any thing planned.
July 29-aug 2nd Sandy wants to come visit
august 4-5 there is a FAIR convention (big nerdy convention where
Scholars get together and discuss boring things about religion and
philosophy) I want to go to Utah but I gotta find money between now
and then haha doesn't seem very likely
August 10-12 Trebas and Spjutes wedding..he invited me to the sealin
in the temple so I'm stoked about that...and I don't know what to wear
or do at weddings I'm gonna need some help mom hahaha..I m stilla
little boy!

August 18th School starts...
hopefully I'll get the classes I want and only go to school on
Wednesday and Thursday so I can work the rest of the time...that's
really all I got planned haha..

I love ya so much mom! Don't worry I'll get some sand and shells for you !

love you so much!!!

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