Monday, September 28, 2009

Last Week Sept 29, 2009

Hey Family,

Sorry this letter isn't too fun or exciting.
I'm amazed at how fast the Holy Ghost was able to each me Tagalog

So information about flight stuff, I got cleared today to leave...I went in Tuesday and told him I felt fine and told me to wait till monday so that means they haven't talked to travel yet. I went in there early morning and they are getting things settled I should know when I'm leaving sometime tonight. I don't really know why they had me wait, but I know not save the Lord commands, thats the kind of attitude you must have on a mission..and humility and that's a tought one. However, I am hopeful, faithful, and true. This week has had a lot of great events. So this last week basically I had a lot of 1 on 1 time with Brother Hyde who is a teacher but didn't have a class so we just taught a lot this week and street contacted other missionaries in Tagalog, and I can say that it is becoming easier and easier. I begin to feel the Spirit in Tagalog and I can usually say whatever I want...If I can't I'll have a companion! Haven't really got any mail this week, As in I don't know if you sent it or if my "New District Leader" hasn't given it to me. He's a bit frustrating and we got into an argument. However, I've been nicer to him and we get a long better I just cannot "mesh" with his personality..which is self-righteous. I got placed into a district with a lot of obedience problems so that has been fun(sarcasm). It's truly interesting and I know the Lord wants me to learn how to stand up and say things to people when it's wrong...however I'm not too good at that.
My new companion for 1 week was Elder Derosia, I really started liking him we get a long well and he tries to work hard, but his companions (he was in a threesome) were horrible and would sleep during study time and really are wasting their mtc time. Other than that I'm really just anxious and anxious to leave..Here comes that Patience thing again...d' ba? or right? It was truly a blessing to be here for another week, but it's time to go! The days almost here and I will be ready to serve and teach, I'm pretty fired up but I need to try my best to stay diligent here it's tough! I hope you guys have been doing I said before haven't really heard from you on a ccount of my mailbox being moved from 264--->314 probably because I guess they throw Dear Elders away when the Elder "isn't here" I've already got into a few conversations with the mailstaff and they aren't happy people. Patience Patience Patience Patience, Humility, and Pride I've learned this week. Oh and a TON of Tagalog. But's it's been good to me. I don't really know whatelse to say I'll probably be calling you tonight or tomorrow to let you know when I am leaving for sure so expect one soon until then I'll relay a story about the RC.

It was about a lady named Nicole, she had been chatting with me for a few minutes and then wanted to talk on the phone to explain her problem. So I went downstairs to the calling center. It was a really good experience, I taught a lesson in 3rd Nephi--Which is when Christ appeared to the first time to the ancient inhabitants of the Americas. It was a powerful lesson and I could truly feel the happiness that this lady radianted when she spoke about her testimony of the Gospel. I bore testimony to her and asked her if she would be baptized. And In fact she was already planning on it! It was a very spiritual, and the Respect she had for me was a little strange, I suppose I don't quite understand the influence I have when I teach with the Holy Ghost. But after this weeks trials and frustrations I'm looking toward the future in faith and hope, in a matter of hours I should be in the Philippines or on my way, I have an amazing family, great and numerous friends, I hold the keys to preach the gospel and administer ordinances of salvation, got out of the temple a few hours ago, and I am apart of the Lords church.

Congratulations Zach on your Football game! and thank you for the dedication however I don't deserve it! Next game dedicate it to Curt he has been to every single game and practice! But love you Lil' Bro and miss you good job! Mom keeps me updated on all your games! Tiffany hope you're doing well in school. Jessica I meant to right you last week however had no time because I had to move rooms and I have to go pack after this! Sometime sOON! Mom hope your feeling better, I have been praying for you. Curt hope your still happy and making bad jokes ;)

Mahal Ko Kayo!--Talaga!

Elder Gonzalez

Something Interesting,
Isaiah 11
speaks about before the 2nd coming of the Lord, he will send his people to teach those in the Isles of the Sea and gather the tribes of Israel for one last time.

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