Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14th

Thanks for the update about Zach and the games. I'm really proud of him for not given in to peer pressure he is a heck of a kid. Yeah it seems as soon as you hit high schools its cool to smoke and drink now, and I've seen some of my friends ruin their lives because of it, even some people here in my district used to be in the garbage and it's the thing they regret the most. So Zach I'm proud of you man "Piling Ang Tama" or choose the right ahha Love you and have a good birthday this week, what are you getting for your birthday?
This week has been very good to me. An experience happened this week that I don't really have time to explain but basically Tuesday we see if my companion has to go home for 6 months to be put on medication or if he can go to the Phillipines with us. It was a really sad night, Brother Leslie and I gave him a priesthood blessing and I knew then that I had always loved my companion and it hurt me to see him troubled. Weird huh? He is suffering from OCD-like depression. me and Brother Leslie had a teary conversation about it. I guess it was good for me because I learned never to forsake my companion but truly see if he is alright, I don't know theres more tothe story but for sake of time.

Other than that I got my flight plans and I will be able to call you from SLC or LAX. so expect a call around 7:35-10pm? I'm most likely going to call from LAX.

21st of September
Our flight leaves SLC at like 835 or something
We get to LAX at 9-10 4 hour delay here (I'll be able to place some BoM woooo!)
Our flight to Taiwan is like 1:50
we have a 3 hour delay in Taiwan
Then I'll arrive in Manila and meet my mission president at 11:40am at the airport.

then a 2 hour busride to San Pablo. and I should be working around 4:00pm in my new area! weird huh?

---My whole District is flying on the same plan together so we are together till Manila then we go our separate ways it's so great!

It's amazing how fast the MTC has gone by and how much I've changed I guess. I don't really feel it to much, but my district leader says so. I've learned a lot here pertaining to my place and identity in the world. And yeah it's been hard, VERY HARD i've been frustrated, sad, i've cried tears of joy and pain but it's the best thing to ever happen to me. I'm trying to think if anything really exciting has happened this week and I can't really think. We had a Teacher Appointment and we taught lesson 2 in Tagalog and I basically could follow the whole conversation so that made me feel really good and confident, I'm exciting to call you guys again and hear Jax since he has YET to write me!I'm actually becoming sad that I'm leaving the MTC, but I'm anxious to get out into the field. I love everyone in my district and the spirit that is here, but It's "time to get out of the desert and into the Sun, Even if it's alone" I've been taking a TON of pictures for you at the MTC and I'll make another CD this week and send them to you.

I was very happy to recieve a dear elder from Nana and Papa I'm going to try and write them back this week it's just really hard please understand, I've personally stepped it up this week to review basically everything we've learned....and ITS A LOT. So my days are packed and the only time I really have to write is Monday and that's once a week. So next week I'll write and remind you of my intinarary?

I love you guys so much and miss you terribly, I love you Zach, Jessica, Tiffany, Mom, Curt, Dad, Jason, Nana, Papa, Aunt Saundy--speaking of which I never recieved her letters with the kids in her sunday school class? not sure but who knows. and I love anyone else who read these things, I honestly pray for my friends and family everynight.

Mahal Kita,

Elder Gonzalez

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