Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31, 2010


This week has been good for me. It rained quite a lot and I even had to walk around with no shoes on for a while ;) (Don't tell President) I'm still here in Calaca with Dioso and we're working striving to work hard. I've really come to know the Loneliness in Leadership. I've come to learn that a man must live with principal and with faith. This mission has been no easy thing for you and sure hasn't been easy for me. Kicking myself in the butt everyday to live what I preach, no matter what anyone thinks. I suppose this loneliness stems really from what I believe. Some may say that everything I believe is a complete lie. some may have the audacity to criticize things that they don't understand. For them all I have to say is listen to the words I said...Read ngs I don't tell you, because I know it would scare Mom too much ;)the Book of Mormon and until you finish it keep your mouth shut. I've had my fair share of opposition and persecution here on my mission, a lot of the things that happen I don't report to you guys because I don't think Mom could handle it ;). But one thing I keep in my wallet that I carry every where is 1. A picture of the temple, 2. my atm card ;) and 3. A piece of paper that says "I believe I am always divinely guided I believe I will always take the right road. I believe God will always make a way, where there is no way" And this is my mindset. No matter what happens here, I've learned that we all must live with our conscious. We must all live up to what we say. We all have to strive to be better that we were yesterday. We must never stop learning. I've tried my best to ignore peoples opinions and comments, I've tried to do the things that make me the happiest. And right now you can't even imagine the joy I have preaching the gospel here to my filipino brothers and sisters. So again I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity for me to learn and grow so much. I feel like a completely different person. I've learn to live outside of my self and do the things I don't like to do. To get off my Throne of Pride and Selfishness stepout of my comfortability and learn to love people even when they do cruel and evil things to us, even though they say rude and bastos things, even though they don't treat us like humans...as in they don't acknowledge us when we speak at them or scream at us when we are walking. But I thank God for these people, I thank God for my family, and I thank God for the trials I face. I thank God for being Chastised by my Mission President when I do stupid things, and I thank God when I'm rebuked by people...sure it hurts at first but I swallow my pride, tell myself I'm wrong then move on. I try my best to forgive as fast as I can and not hold grudges. You cannot believe how fast grudges will destroy your personality and confidence in other people. It's hard to forgive, but forgiveness is amazing. Relationships are amazing, people are amazing, and God is Great.
Thank you for all the pictures you've sent I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH

This week is crazy, we have training in alaminos all week, so I dont even get to work in my area, but its all good.. we get to sleep in the mission home and hang out with pres!



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