Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7, 2010


This week has been AMAZING! So last monday my email was wack and super short because when we got to the Email shop, we got an email from the AP's which is funny because in tagalog (IPIS or APS) means Cockroach aahaha952jkdjsf. But the email said Elder Gonzalez you come to the mission home today.......me and all the District Leaders, Zone LEaders ,and Trainers....there is a Leadership Training MEeting This week Tuesday-thursday pack your stuff. So basically Its a new program the church started and I got to hang out with my favorite missionaries in the mission for 4 days and sleep in the mission home with Elder Bernard from my batch, ate a ton of pizza, didn't work out, stayed up to late, accidentally texted president anderson at 12:00am "Elder Lee Drinks his own Pee" had a good time and I enjoyed myself. and at the same time I learned a TON of new teaching techniques and even got 2 more baptism goal dates this week because of it. I just enjoyed myself...laughed a lot...miss the heck out of you guys...preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ, learned for myself how wonderful the gospel is when lived in the life of good people, sweated a ton, ate crab and other sea creatures, and now we are in Batangas and going to SM today. I can't explain the joy I have here...life is so amazing. I love teaching people how to become better and live a higher life. I love you guys so much and miss you dearly! I promise next week I'll write something more indepth...but life is so good. Don't worry about me I'm having the time of my life. and have been reading my scriptures everyday since 4/11/10 yeaaah.
Theres a hole in my heart that cannot be filled until I return...let's just hope too much blood doesn't come out.

Love you so much,

Josh Elder Austin Gonzalez Lonell Napolean

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