Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010


This week has been absolutely extraordinary and hectic at the same time. So to answer your questions yeah I just got your money that you sent over so THANKS! we needed it ha-ha its Dioso's birthday soon and I'm going to find him a gift here at SM today. Last Saturday Dioso had his first baptism in his mission! We baptized Ludi! She's this wonderful lady who I feel it's a miracle she made it to the waters of baptism. So last transfer when we went to Manila, I talked to Elder Lopez on the trip and he told me about a contact he made over in my area a while back and told me I better go try and find her. When I talked to my companion Elder Painagan he said there’s no hope. Well, I decided we'd try one more time. The problem was she has never gone to church in the 3 years she's been taught by the missionaries, but has a killer testimony of the Church and the Book of Mormon. We had a few trials and bumps on the way, to the point I felt like knocking her "Live in" partner out when I saw her covered in bruises. Well, after encouraging her and motivated and of course the Spirit bearing witness, she ended the relationship, repented, and has been going to church every week even when church is over an hour away in Nasugbu. It has been such a life changing experience for me to see the joy and change in her life feelings are indescribable and I love it. So last week, the hectic part came. She talked to my companion Dioso while I was working in Balayan with Elder Centeno about how her ex-live in partner is pressuring her to get back together, to the point that he called his family to come and talk with her. So almost every night last week the family of her ex-partner has been out her house begging for them to get back together...pretty pathetic if you ask me. There is absolutely no reason for a man to put his hand on a woman. So what happen was she didn't give them an answer but said "I need to talk to the Elders about it". When we came back the following day, I heard about it all so we went to the church and had a long conversation. I basically told her if she were to get back with him she wouldn't be able to be baptized this Saturday or for awhile. In the Philippines there is no divorce so it's really hard to not break the law of chastity here. So what the church has done is if they can prove and the Mission President advises, they can get baptized even though they are still living with each other, but they cannot receive the priesthood or enter the temple. It’s a fairly good solution...It's a lot better than the Church lobbying for Divorce here in the Philippines that wouldn't look to good now would it and I'm sure our enemies here would love that to happen. So when we were talking I decided to have the pre-interview were its a serious discussion and we talk about things that she's done in her past. Well a concern came up and when she said it, I'll admit my faith was weak...I looked at Dioso and I was in complete shock! The baptism was scheduled for the following day and I knew in my heart there’s no way she could be baptized! So after the interview I spent from 4:00pm-8:30pm trying to get and contact the mission president...but 1. Communication sucks in this country if you don't have a personal cell phone, 2. President got a new #. and 3. The cell phone I used the girl had to go home. So Friday night I didn't even talk to Pres. Saturday morning the AP's showed up with the ZL's and I told em what came up called president and he cleared the baptism it was awesome! We went and interviewed her she passed and later that day was baptized! I cannot even begin to describe how much of a help the members were! It was by far the best baptism I have had and Dioso loved it! The spirit was so strong...I love this work and know that it’s true. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a tool(ha-ha I'm sure some people said I was tool even back then! SO S1ck BRO SRH) in the hands of God. The joy I found here is indescribable. Family thank you so much for this opportunity you've given me. Thank you so much for what happened at 9:30pm ;) ha-ha! I love you guys so much! Stay safe and know that I love you!

Your Son,


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