Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010


Haha I am finally back to normal! My Sore Eyes are gone! I AM CLEANED! and I didn't have to wash 7 times in the river....haha bible joke? Yeah not humor has died while I've been here....I suppose some of you maybe rejoicing....or some quietly asking if I even used to have good humor. But what's important is that I absolutely love my life, I have an amazing family I would die for, and I love the Lord and being his servant even If I have to wake up at 6:30am and teach till 9:00pm. This has been a productive week and the time that Elder Diosos and I have together are drawing to an end.. Next week we'll get the transfer emails, and i'll probably be leaving October 8th. I'm going to be leaving a lot of people that I really care about here, leaving an amazing zone, and leaving the best area of my mission with the best companion. But I am not sad....I miss change I miss feeling uncomfortable and new. It will be interesting where I go. I'm hoping and betting that I'll be going to Lopez with my buddy Trebes...we'll see! So update on the package...haven't gotten in yet because it's still in Alaminos and that's 3 hours away....and we aren't allowed to leave Batangas on Pday, I'll for sure get it on Transfer day...We're (sister Smith) stoked for the delicious food you sent! :) I don't have too many good stories...but I know tonight I'm probably going to cry...the whole Batangas zone except for 2 elders who hate to hang out with us because they are....they are just elders...are together in Nasugbu for the last time and we are going to the house of one of my favorite members in my whole mission. Nanay Asia...and we're having an F.H.E. (Family Home Evening) basically we are going to have fun, eat food, then share our testimonies and say bye to Sister Pajo....she was with me in Marinduque and I've been here DL for the past 6 months haha she leaves this week. I can't tell you how sad it will make me when I say bye to the members and missionaries in this I won't think about it. I'll just keep working hard, praying even harder, and love these people and the Lord will all my heart...also I'll eat less rice and work out every morning..
So when you shared your story about Zach driving it freaked me out....why is he driving? haha absolutely crazy....but now I think he knows how much it sucks to pay for gas. I'd pay anything just to hang out him for a night and tell him my secrets and just give him a big hug....well 9 months na lang! Regarding Tiffany! way to go! I'm proud of you! Keep it up! Jessica :*( hope your knee feels better...the best remedy for pain is to not complain keep your mouth shut and pray that it doesn't hurt so much...and just remember that it will feel better when it stops hurting. <---see bad humor...example #2 . I love that you are having a ton of parties at the house I can't wait to get my dance and drink on (by drink I imply Non-Caffeinated Soft drinks, or Milk..haha although it maybe alluding to alcohol haha ;) ---example #3 bad humor.

I want to thank you so much for this wonderful experience you've given me Family, I've truly learned for myself here through trials and afflictions how important family is, who God really is, and my role in the eternities. and although I don't think I am adequately called or prepared for this calling...I'm trying my best and repenting everyday. This are truly the best days of my life and I have no one to thank but you! MAN I LOVE YOU GUYS AND MISS YOU

p.s. I am in an incredible good mood nothing I would change...except that Mom would come visit and work with us!

Your Son,


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