Thursday, March 25, 2010

Email for March 22, 2010Subject: Re: Its me MOM


This week has been rather interesting, I suppose I'll start with our biggest success this week. We've been teaching the Bustamante family, they live 5 kilo's away and up a huge mountain. So we told them if they go to Church on Sunday we'll walk the 5 kilos to pick them up before church. So I woke up on sunday early because the walk is over an hour and I looked outside and it was cloudy and cool I thought to myself as Bro Fletcher said many years ago "Looks like the Weathers on our side boys" It was only after breakfast where that changed. It started raining. So we walked....and walked..........and walked some more, and then walked again. So we finally get to the mountain part and this is where I thought of Case's words "Theres a couch rock just beyond the corner" This part of the travel was the hardest, the hill we had to climb was extremely muddy, I was trying to climb it and found it really difficult because I couldn't stop laughing when my comp fell in the mud, but we made it. Finally. we made it. covered in mud, soaked and exhausted...unfortunately Bro Fletcher wasn't there to drive home and pick up new clothes like he did at Geronimo ....and to our suprise there was 11 people waiting for us! So I was stoked 11 investigators! I felt like a hero when we came riding on tricycles (motorcycles with weird cubby sides) all 13 of us and i was sitting of the roof of the cubby and we met with all the members wondering why the missionaries were 15 minutes late (oops!) but it was awesome! Lets see. I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting, I taught Gospel Principal sunday school, and even Young Woman haa that was weird,. yeah Boac needs a lot of work but I'm beginning to see the fruits of our labors I know If I stay humble (which at times seems impossible) I'll be able to see so much Good here. I'm so happy I'm here even thought its probably the most challenging part of my mission.

Pray for me I need it, but I'm still alive and that's because God is sooooooo good to me.

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