Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 15, 2010

Family, Friends, and maybe future spouses.

haha you never know,

so in your last letter mom, you said and I quote "I am an ISLAND but I am still laughing.."

I suppose you spoke those words prophetically. I know you all know I am in an Island but now I am on a REAL ISLAND
Yes, I got what I wanted, I secretly wanted to go to Marinduque sooo bad and at transfer day my name was called on now I am sitting in Santo Cruz, Marinduque, we're all gathered in the internet shop as a Zone. I love it so much here. My area is Boac, Marinduque, I really enjoyed the 3 hour boat ride! I am in the middle of no where and I love it!!


So to answer your questions. I'm still Senior infact I'm a follow-up trainer, District Leader, and I suppose one of the only people who knows how to run a Ward here. That's more of a joke I don't mean to sound egotistical or stuck up, but sunday was hard. Boac is a REALLY struggling area---and by struggling I mean they don't even go to church for 3 hours, everyone leaves after Sacrament. But at Sunday I gave a talk about Gratitude and how the Lord has blessed us with a meeting house, and 3 hours to worship, so after Sacrament we should go to class and not watch the Pacman and Clottey fight (by the way pacman won again--he's too good---but we'll see what happens when he goes against Mayweather if that ever happens), we should stay here! After the Sacrament I stood at the front of the door and only a few snuck out, but a lot of them stayed so thats good! I asked the Bishop if we could have PEC (a meeting with all the leaders and missionaries where we discuss problems) They said yeah sure, we've only had one before. So it's been great. I'm not complaining I'm so happy to be here and I see so much progression that is able to be made! I hope that the Lord will bless the Saints here in Boac that we can get membership up and eventually a chapel---but theres a TON of work. And everyone asks me what I think we should do, It's very humbling---because these people are 30, 40,50 years in the church but because of their weak areas they don't know what they should do. So I humbly give advice, I say we are here to help we will do anything to help you. ITs awesome! My new comp is Elder Villamil! He's greeat! he's from Mindanao or in others words less cebuano--he's from Southern Philippines. I'm his follow-up trainer and I'm glad because I can teach him the things that I was not taught--which was A TON! I really enjoy the island here honestly SO MUCH FUN! And I have a feeling I'm gonna be so skinny after this transfer we walk everywhere, it's REALLY hot, and its REALLY HOT, and we walk everywhere--and by walk I mean we have one investigator who lives maybe 5 kilometers away and up a mountain (That's not a joke). So it's awesome here honestly I couldn't be anymore happier, I've taken some AMAZING PICTURES! Early today we went to a batcave in Santo Cruz, Marinduque. I can't wait for Holy Week, that should be fun haaa..Here in Marinduque a ton of devoted or confused Catholics carry crosses, whip themselves until they bleed, and eventually crucify themselves with real nails in the palms of their hands like the savior for a week. and then after that week they have the Marinduque festival, it's really cool theres a ton of masks and dancing and drinking and all that island crazy voodoo stuff! YEAH!
But I want you all to know that I am so happy here, theres a ton of work to do and I am sooooooooooooooooo busy, either teaching Elder Villamil what his trainer didn't teach him, working with the ward, studying, jogging in the morning, finding and teaching investigators, or trying to sleep. There seems to be NO TIME what so ever!
Mom, you seemed way stressed in your last email, I hope that when you take your vacation you'll be able to find sometime to relax and enjoy some personal time with Curt and your friends over there. I suppose we'll see the same kind of sites in a few days, perhaps you'll be able to see the sights I get to see everyday, and I cannot thank enough for letting me serve here, thank you for all your support. I thought a lot about who I am this week, and the things I've written home in emails or letters, and If I offended or if you think I'm ungrateful for anything I'd like to apologize, I love you guys so much I cannot fully express that in letters or tapes only, so I suppose we'll have to wait until the Lord calls me home. I'm sorry this letter isn't too fun. but It's what's happen in my life. I got sick for the first time over here, I got a Sipon (cold) but a few days on medication that you gave me and working hard seems to have solved it!

My body aches, my eyes are tired, my brain is flustered, my heart yearns, but my spirit, my confidence, and my faith is strong. The Lord has always been good to me, even when I haven't been good to him. He's been so good to me that he's given me a family who reflects that same love and patience, that he has for his weak but humble servant. I miss you, but I don't like to dwell on that, I love you, but I cannot express it, I'm grateful for you ,but I cannot possible pay that debt. I love you and pray for you continually.

Joshy :)

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