Monday, March 8, 2010

March 1, 2010

1. I DID RECEIVE MY PACKAGE, sorry for forgetting to mention in my letter, something really quick. I recieve everything you send but I get it late because it sits in San Pablo for quite sometime before the AP'S get it over here. Something you need to remember when sending. Declare under 50$ so that the office here won't get charged. Tortillas would be amazing, they have one store here that sells them but its an hour away so I've only had to get to try them once!

2. I don't really need anything all is well on my side of the world, but what would be really nice would be my Commentary on the Book of Mormon-- by Bruce R. McConkie it's Red and 4 volumes there pretty big and new!

3. I'm honestly suprised the cookies suprised over at the Hartman's house, but I am eagerly excited to receive them! YEAH!

4. I took care of that today I bought a camera on Wed that's why I took out 8,000 pesos. regarding what else you wrote and I quote

"Is that crazy or what ? It was so wonderful to hear you and especially your companion and friends walking in and screaming hi and other things.. Very Glad to see your still messing around."

haha let me go on the record here. I HAVE NOT TURNED INTO A ROBOT, I AM STILL JOSH GONZALEZ, I STILL HAVE A BAD SENSE OF HUMOR, but it's true I've changed in my opinion for the better, and I suppose you'll like the change---except for maybe the new odd tastes I've acquired for balut. But I'll admit my letters and emails are a bit emotional, I don't apologize for that, I get a lot of thinking time here, and sometimes I mess up my head and write deep and sometimes overbearing. But all is well, I hope that you all will remember me and how I was when you knew me, when you read my letters and emails, I haven't gone completely crazy, I'm just in a very thought-provoking chapter in my life. I am completely inspired by so much around. The world is beautiful and so are the minds of people, try and get into them every once in a while.

and I don't mean to be offensive I wanted to say this for awhile ha i get pretty deep in some of my letters to you all. But I love you and respect you all very much. YOUR GREAT

5. I am doing beyond well, It's still intimidating this whole mission thing but I'm realizing my potential and the potential of all the people who will trust in the God who gave them life. Think happy thoughts, Don't take yourself to seriously, don't fault find--I'm not perfect by any means and neither are you, make people feel important you'd be suprised to see the reaction of attention starved human beings-- it's interesting. Love God, Do Good, and Go Home.

Regarding Sister Juliet and her baby. Whatever you think is appropriate for her she's going to have her baby REAL SOON and then the mother is going to go back to Taclobon with Sister Jolly. It's up to you. They really liked Sister Jolly's gift the necklace though, and sister juliet says she really likes handbags stuff like that.

Please give my condolence for Tony and Barb, I think they are great people and I've really enjoyed spending my time with them in Mexico. Tony Barb, hang in there I that you'll see something through this all. Think positively, stay ahead, and maybe take up some kind of hobbies to keep your mind off of this. Here's one (and I'd like to see Tony's face when he read this) Take some Ball Dancing Lessons with Barb, Go out to a ball game, go to a Museom, Have a picnic?, act like it was your first few months of dating when everything was fun and new. I think you're great! Know my prayers are with you and yours.

So you ask were am I, and why do I think I'm being transferred. I AM IN SANTO TOMAS! 30 mINUTES away from LIPA CITY over a million people live in LIPA. and It's 2 away from Manila, but travel here is rough and it takes a long time. I don't know the exact mileage but it's 1 1/2 hours away if you're lucky! I think I am being transferred because I've been here in Sto. Tomas for 6 months---aisha! that's a LONG TIME so hopefully. Unfortunately I'll be parting my ways with a lot of good people here, and it hurts already. I pray the Lord will bless me with the honor of seeing these great people again.

I saw the news on Chile and got scared for Robert, but Eamon (I love how faithful he is to me) updated me and let me know he was alright, also news is that a tsunami should hit Bicol, thats 18miles from us, but what do I know? I only hear from word of mouth and when the TV's on in investigators houses and I can ask them about it

I didn't hear about the killing of 13, but speaking of the Philippines, I'm pretty sure its the worst area to live in right now.

El Nino--destroying Mindanao, drying up waters in Baguio, other provinces in the south, but hasn't touched my area!

Massacres in Magindanao--still fighting arguing, killing,etc

Elections- are soon so that means killing will take place most likely and fighting and more!

Fish are dying from the unusually heat of El Nino

People are out of jobs and starving

but in better news people are realizing who God is and how great he is! WE HAVE A TON OF NEW INVESTIGATORS AND WERE WORKING SO HARD

This week we'll be baptizing April Love--finally I had to cancel her baptism last week because the bishop forgot and didn't schedule it. It feels at time that we are finding the converts, teaching them, bringing them to church, interducing them to members, practically begging members to fellowship them, planning the baptisms, baptising them, teaching them,

or in other words more analytical (if that works?) We are buying the food, cooking the food, setting the table, and then they are eating all the food and leaving before they clean the dishes.

In words more straight forward- we are doing EVERYTHING and they aren't helping, in fact sometimes it seems that don't care. But it's getting better, I lamented to Elder Ko and I believe he had an interview with our Bishop. The work is moving, I'm happy and Life is great!

that you for the letter you sent me, or the ending it really meant a lot to me and I can't really take the time to explain the thoughts I felt after reading it. I care so much and deeply for all you.

I miss you so much,

at times I want to give up and go home, but I'll never let that happen.

I love you more than words can describe.


p.s. make a stranger feel important today, ask him about his day, ask him about his family, ask him about his interests, ask him if he were to describe his life and all his experience up to this moment in one word what would it be, ask him what the worst mistake of his life was, ask him what's keeping him from being what he wants to be, ask him what he cherishes, ask him what he thinks about when he's not required to think, ask him what you can do for him to make him smile.

the world is beautiful and religion-althought it's caused a lot of pain and turmoil and death- is a very beautiful thing, but God is greater than anything I can conceive and he's in every religion( If you don't believe me in this, look at the date D&C 10 was recieved- how God built up his church, 2 Nephi 29 & 30). It's my testimony that all you are extremely important and many of you don't realize your infinite potential, I cannot type, speak, or write enough the importance of faith in ones life and the importance of gratitude for the blessings pourn out from heaven. Seek something to change in your life, seek to do something good for a stranger, seek to wear out your life in helping others or doing something to change the world and your reward will be infinitely greater. I love you sooo much

I'm far from perfect, If I have offended any of you or done you wrong I ask for your forgiveness and would ask you to please write me and tell me what I did to you so that I may find a way to make it better for you. I love my fellowman I do not try to hard him or think evil of him and I am trying so very hard to not speak ill of anyone---Life's great

stretch yourself, feel uncomfortable, feel awkard, and grow

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