Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22

I didn't recieve the package but I'll probably get it tomorrow. Elder Park my buddy, and the AP;s are visiting us here and they will have packages. I meant by numbers how many times we teach a week, how many baptisms. It's not fruitless my comp and I are teaching the ward so much it's really awesome, its so cool to try and fix the problems here...there are aton! we have to teach people the true doctrines of the church not the bad traditions we have to correct their mistakes and errors, we have to basically be the authority here when it comes to customs of the church. THE MEMBERS ARE SO NICE TO US! THEY ARE SO TEACHABLE ITS AMAZING! HONESTLY! the people in the town are really nice until you introduce the gospel then they go running or they debate you...and believe me they have no logic so I've given up on that front, I've decided whenever someone wants to debate I just simple say "Sige po.., tama kayo" and walk away." okay you're correct" I don't think it appropriate to debate, because 1. they don't study the bible or know it. 2. they are illogical and when I explain the meaning of scripture they just think of something else to say. 3. after I debate I've lost the spirit and feel frustrated. So simple it's not there time to accept the truth, maybe in a few years but yes the people here haha my comp and I went tracting up in Mataas na bayan which is a neighborhood right next to a MASSIVE catholic church which my comp and I jog to in the morning, but anyways they are allll very catholic and I've never been more rejected in mylife then there haha

I don't need anything I'm gonna write the weekly letter now

I'm still alive, nope I'm not talking on that thing I'm here in Boac with my zoneleaders and district. It's a bit sad here there are only 10 missionaries but we don't see the other 4 because they are 1 hour away ahh. Don't worry about danger it's not dangerous here. The reason they didn't have missionaries here is probably because the Church is WAY small here. it's honestly ridiculous. President doesn't care about numbers here, everyones way catholic and it's extremely hard here mama, haha This week has been challenging for me. I'm trying so hard not to give up. It seems everytime I began to handle myself the Lord throws another challenge at me. But it's okay I'll overcome, I'll conquer althought I'll battle my demons, my stress, my limitations I'll come out on top, because that's what you always taught me

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